Each officer and enlisted crewman is issued an allotment of basic clothing and personal effects. This includes a Combadge; rank insignia; several types uniform clothing including duty uniforms, fatigues, athletic clothing and dress uniforms; personal hygeine supplies; bedding; and identification. Other equipment such as space suits and other protective clothing, weapons and basic personal tools appropriate to the individual's job are also issued. Personnel are responsible for keeping all issued gear clean and in good repair, and are expected to account for it at all times.

Certain individuals, by dint of rank, position, duty or cultural requirements, are issued or permitted special items of clothing. Officers holding the the rank of Captain or higher are issued a casual undress uniform, and Flag officers are issued a distinctive duty uniform. Some species are issued protective of corrective lenses, breathing apparatus, et cetera, as required. Cultural and/or religious regalia are sometimes authorised for wear in uniform. Adherents of Earth's Sikh religion are issued grey turbans with a stripe in the appropriate Branch colour, male Jews are permitted yarmulke, Bajorans may be permitted to wear the distinctive earrings denoting their d'jarra, and so on . . . With over a hundred member planets in the United Federation of Planets (and very few being culturally homogenous), efforts are made to accomodate as many needs as possible consonant with security and the good order and discipline of the service.

The basic tools issued to all crewmembers and used every day are the Portable Access and Display Device (PADD), the tricorder and the communicator. Other items are issued on a job-specific basis.

There are a variety of specialised Science Field Kits available, depending on the specific scientific discipline and the mission. All include a sciences tricorder with software specific to the discipline. Other items which may be included are sample containers, stasis boxes or specialises sensor and/or recording equipment.

The standard Engineering Field Kit is a shoulder-bag style hardshell case containing an engineering tricorder as well as a variety of diagnostic and repair tools.

The Medical Field Kit is a shoulder-bag style hardshell case containing the essentials for emergency treatment away from sickbay facilities. Included in the kit are:
Quantity Issue Item
1 each Tissue Regenerator
2 each Remote Diagnostic Sensor
1 set of 4 Laser Scalpels
1 each Medical Tricorder
1 set of 2 Hypospray
2 each Hypospray Drug Refill, containing
- Cordrazine
- Masiform-D
- Tri-Ox Compound
- Sterilite
- Stokaline
- Lexorin
- Dalpomine
- Melanex
- 2 other medications at CMO's discretion
1 pair Neural Stimulators
1 each Portable Medical Monitor (separate)
1 set of 2 Hyposampler
4 each Sample vial

In the course of duty, it is often necessary to issue weapons to the crew. When some manner of defense is deemed necessary but an open display of arms is undesirable, Starfleet personnel may be issued Type I hand phasers. These small weapons are carried in a small discreet pocket on the waistband of the uniform tunic.

When concealment of weapons is not necessary, or when an open display of force is required, Type II hand phasers are issued and carried in a holster attached to the waistband of the uniform tunic. This weapon is the standard issue for Security personnel.

When hand phasers are insufficient to the task, Type III phaser rifles or Type IIIA compression phaser rifles may be issued. These are generally only carried in cases of extreme danger, such as repulsion of boarders or planetary assaults. Type III phaser rifles are standard issue for Rapid Reaction Teams. For Security use, there is the riot phaser, a compact extension for the Phaser II effectively adapting it to a phaser III.

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