Dyson Base

Starbase 23, the main Starfleet facility in Sector 595 Alpha, is located in the Candace system, orbiting about Candace II. Starbase 22 itself is a standard Starfleet "spinning top" style station similar to Earth's Spacedock, surrounded by a roughly ovoid restricted area some 25,000 by 15,000 by 10,000 kilometres. This restricted area includes four orbital docking areas, four orbital drydocks and three research stations, with additional facilities on the planetary surface and on the smallest of Candace II's three moons. A number of civilian stations and orbital facilities cluster around the restricted area.

The Candace System has 9 planets, including 1 Class M planet, Candace II, about which the Starbase facility orbits in geosynchronous orbit, and two large gas giants. There are extensive ground-based facilities on Candace II.

Candace II

Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Candace II M 15,600 II 3 1.5G 27.0 Terrestrial Cool Temperate Military Base

Starbase 23 orbital station

As noted above, the Starbase 23 station is a standard Spacedock type orbital station, a large structure capable of housing several starships within its upper hull.

Starbase 23 ground facility, "The Aerie"

RAdm Robinson                  Captain Scots                  Cdr. Trego                   Cdr. Fonteinbleu

Starbase 23
Commanding Officer
Rear Admiral Annette Robinson Human female
Executive Officer
Captain Sir Sean Scots, VC Human male
Science Officer
Commander Lisa Trego Human female
Chief Engineer
Commander Gerard Fonteinbleu Human male

Orbital Stations

The Candace system contains various space stations, from old-fashioned commercial K-series structures to different configurations of R-series stations.

Orbital Drydock                                           Agro Station

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