Colloquially known as "Tango One," starbase T-1 is a small starbase positioned on the border of Federation space to observe the happenings in the Triangle. It has a saucer-shaped core surrounded by three disc-shaped landing hangars, and a lower spindle surrounded by three smaller hangar decks. Each hangar deck has a runabout elevator/launch pad and a boarding tube. The station sports the usual array of Type X Phasers and Photon Torpedoes as well as heavy shielding. In addition, it has a long-distance subspace communications array.

Type: Strategic (rho Class)
Location: Triangle Border
Commissioning Date: 2366
Hull Characteristics:
Size/Structure: 4 (Modified Starfleet "spinning top" design)
Resistance: 4
Structural Points: 250
Docking: 6 hangar bays with lift elevators and docking tubes, facilities for 6 Danube Class Runabouts, 3 shuttlecraft landing bays with facilities for 2 shuttles each
Personnel Characteristics:
Crew/Inhabitants/Capacity: 150/50/950 [6 Power/round]
Entertainment: 4 [12 Power/round]
Systems Characteristics:
Computers: 4 [4 Power/round]
Transporters: 12 personnel, 6 cargo [9 Power/round]
Tractor Beams: 3 dorsal, 3 ventral [2 Power/rating used]
Power: 300
Sensor Systems:
Long-range Sensors: +2/20 light years [6 Power/round]
Lateral Sensors: +2/1 light year [4 Power/round]
Sensors Skill: 4
Internal Security: 4
Weapons Systems:
Type X Phasers
Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
Arc: All (360 degrees)
Accuracy: 4/5/7/10
Damage: 20
Power: [20]
Weapons Skill: 4
Defensive Systems:
Starfleet Deflector Shield
80/80/80/80 (120)
Power: [80]
Six Danube Class Runabouts
Six Type 12 shuttlecraft
Three APM worksuits

Commander Piper                Lt.Cdr. Foxx                Lt.Cdr. Edison                Lt(jg) Ringo

Starbase 21
Commanding Officer
Commander Gillian Piper Human female
Executive Officer
Lt. Commander David Foxx Human male
Chief Engineer
Lt. Commander Tabitha Edison Human female
Security Chief
Lieutenant (jg) William Ringo Human male

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