A number of front-line ships are assigned to the Triangle Sector, through Starbase 21 and Starbase 23 as well as Starbase T-1. In addition, several ships are actually stationed in the Triangle itself, as auxiliary ships to various planets, including the Alliance of Outer Free Worlds.

USS Galactic, NCC-71756
The Akira class Cruiser USS Galactic under Captain William Adams has been heavily refitted since the Dominion War to act as a dedicated carrier, with two squadrons of small craft; number 75 "Viper" Squadron flying armed Peregrine class light attack craft number 32 "Raptor" Reconnaissance Squadron flying modified Type 7 reconnaisance shuttles. Under XO Commander Solomon Tigh, the squadrons are commanded by Lieutenant Lee Adams and Lieutenant (jg) Karen Thace.

Captain Bill Adama, Commander Tigh, Lieutenant Lee Adams and Lieutenant (jg) Karen Thrace

75 Squadron "Vipers" and 23 Reconnaissance Squadron "Raptors"

The Defiant class Escort USS Hard Rock is commanded by Cdr. Arnold Strong, with Science Officer Lieutenant Bruno MacLaine and Chief Engineer Lieutenant Stone Sylvester.

USS Hard Rock, NCC-78910

Commander Arnold Strong, and Lieutenants Bruno MacLaine and Stone Sylvester.

The Danube class Runabout USS Dog River is commanded by Cdr. Brent Leroy and crewed by Operations Officer Lt. Hank Yarbo.

USS Dog River, NCC-74773

Commander Brent Leroy and Lieutenant Hank Yarbo

The Danube class Runabout USS Possum Creek is commanded by Cdr. "Red" Green and crewed by his nephew, Operations Officer Lt. Harold Green.

USS Possum Creek, NCC-75234

Commander "Red" Green and Lieutenant Harold Green

The Danube class Runabout USS Rio Bravo is commanded by Cdr. Mike Morrison and crewed by Operations Officer Lt. Dino Crocetti.

USS Rio Bravo, NCC-75693

Commander Mike Morrison and Lieutenant Dino Crocetti

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