Name: Arthur Philip Dent
Position: Hitchhiker
Assignment: None

Race: Human
Gender: male
Age: 30-ish

Fitness: 2
Coordination: 2
Intellect: 2
Presence: 2
Willpower: +1
Psi: 0

Artistic Expression (Sandwich Making) 1 (6)
Athletics (Running Away) 1 (2)
Boating (Raft) 1 (2)
Culture (20th Century British) 2 (3)
Dodge 2
Gaming (Scrabble®) 1 (2)
Energy Weapon (A gun of some sort) 1 (2)
History (20th Century Earth) 1 (2)
Flying (Accidental) 0 (1)
English (Federation Standard) 3
Personal Equipment (Electronic Book) 0 (1)
Planetside Survival (Forest) 2 (3)
Primitive Weaponry (Towel) 0 (1)
Stealth (Hide) 0 (1)
World Knowledge (20th Century Earth) 1 (2)

Ally (Ford Prefect) +2
Resolute +3
Addiction (Tea) -1
Confused -1
Rival (Zaphod Beeblebrox) -3
Sworn Enemies (Glactic Psychiatrists' Consortium) -2
Wanted (Pangalactic Entities) -3

Other Statistics
Courage: 3
Renown: -2
Aggression: 0
Discipline: 0
Initiative: -1
Openness: 0
Skill: 0
Luck: -1
Resistance: 2

Background Notes:
Arthur Philip Dent is one of the last two survivors of the Planet Earth. Earth was destroyed by the Vogons, ostensibly to make way for a Hyperspace Bypass. In actuality it was destroyed because a consortium of rogue psychiatrists had discovered that the planets was in fact a gigantic computer designed to uncover the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything (the Answer to which is 42). This computer, part of the matrix of which included the entire Human race, had been built by hyperintelligent pangalactic entities (whose intrusions into our space appear to be white mice) who now wish to acquire his brain in order to retrieve the Question. He often travels with Ford Prefect; Ford's semicousin, renegade Galactic President Zaphod Beeblebrox; Trillian, an unemployed astrophysicist who is the only other survivor of the Earth; and a manically-depressed paranoid android named Marvin. They travel in the Heart Of Gold, an Infinite Improbability Drive starship. Arthur has recently discovered how to fly by tripping and missing the ground.

Appearance and Personality:
Height: 1.85m
Mass: 70kg
Complexion: pale
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

Arthur is a fairly normal example of the semi-evolved simians inhabiting the Earth, now known to be descended from an exiled group of Golgafrincham middlemen. He is perpetually confused, and is still dealing with the fact that his home planet has been destroyed. He is six feet (1.85m) tall, with tousled brown hair, wearing a tattered bathrobe over pyjamas and dressing slippers. He carries a shopping bag in which he has a towel, a copy of the electronic book The Hitch-Hikers' Guide to the Galaxy (Mk.I) and a pocket Scrabble® set. He also has a Babel Fish in his left ear, which acts as a Universal Translator. He is addicted to a noxious substance known as "tea" which consists of dried leaves boiled in water.

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