Name: Ix (a.k.a. Ford Prefect)
Position: Journalist for The Hitch-Hikers' Guide to the Galaxy
Assignment: Restaurant Reviewer

Race: Betelgeusian
Gender: male
Age: inderterminate

Fitness: 3
Strength: -1
Vitality: +2
Coordination: 2
Intellect: 2
Presence: 2
Willpower: +1
Psi: 1
Range: -1
Focus: +1

Administration (Bureaucratic Manipulation) 1 (2)
Artistic Expression (Writing) 1 (2)
Bargain (Bribery) 2 (3)
(Marketplace Haggling) (3)
Charm (Seduction) 1 (2)
Computer (Research) 2 (3)
Culture (Galactic) 2 (3)
Disguise (Human) 1 (2)
(Towel) (2)
Dodge 2
Energy Weapon (Kill-O-Zap® Ray Gun) 1 (2)
Espionage (Forgery) 0 (1)
Fast Talk 4
History (Galactic) 1 (2)
Praxibetel 3
Law (Galactic) 1 (2)
Personal Equipment (Electronic Thumb) 2 (4)
(Sub-Etha Senso-Matic) (3)
(Towel) (4)
Planetside Survival (Forest) 2 (3)
(Urban) (3)
Primitive Weaponry (Towel) 1 (3)
Propulsion Engineering (Quark Drive) 1 (2)
Security (Security Systems) 1 (2)
Shipboard Systems (Flight Control) 1 (2)
Stealth (Hide) 2 (3)
Streetwise (Locate Contraband)) 1 (2)
Telekinesis 2
World Knowledge (Praxibetel) 1 (2)
(Earth) (2)

Alertness +2
Ally (Galactic President Zaphod Beeblebrox) +5
Curious +1
Code of Honour (Hitch-Hiker) -2
Impulsive -1
Phobia (Heights) (Challenging) -4

Other Statistics
Courage: 3
Renown: 20
Aggression: 0
Discipline: -10
Initiative: 3
Openness: 2
Skill: 5
Resistance: 5

Background Notes:
Ford Prefect is not his real name - his real name is completely unpronounceable, but his schoolboy nickname was Ix (which means boy who cannot sufficiently explain what a Hrung is, nor why it should choose to collapse on Betelgeuse Seven). He was born on Praxibetel (Betelgeuse Seven), a planet orbiting the star Betelgeuese. He shares four mothers with his semicousin, the renegade Galactic President, Zaphod Beeblebrox. He adopted the name Ford Prefect upon his arrival on the planet Earth, based on his research, which indicated that it would be nicely inconspicuous. He had arrived on Earth by hitch-hiking there in order to update the planet's entry in the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, for which he worked as a journalist. He was able to expand upon the entry, which originally read "Harmless" and was subsequently revised to reaf "Mostly harmless." Unfortunately, he became stranded on Earth for fifteen years, escaping along with Arthur Dent a few moments before the planet was demolished by Vogons.

He is now the restaurant critic for the new, revised Hitch-Hikers' Guide to the Galaxy, travelling from planet to planet living off his Dine-O-Charge card and billing it to the Guide. He can usually be found travelling with Arthur Dent, and often in the company of Zaphod Beeblebrox, the Earthwoman Trillian and Marvin, the Paranoid Android. Their usual means of transportation is the stolen Infinite Improbability Drive starship Heart Of Gold.

Appearance and Personality:
Height: 1.75m
Mass: 65kg
Complexion: pale
Hair: reddish
Eyes: watery blue-grey

Ford Prefect appears to be a Human in his mid thirties. Anyone who spends enough time with him will notice, however, that he seems not to blink as often as he should. He dresses in an out-dated and rumpled Earth suit, and carries a large satchel. The satchel contains his copy of the Guide a Sub-Etha Senso-Matic, his Electronic Thumb, a stained Marks and Spencer bathtowel, a bottle of Old Janx Spirit and a tattered copy of the script for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat. He also carries, in his pockets, several packets of salted peanuts and his Dine-O-Charge card. A Babel Fish in his ear acts as a Universal Translator.

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