Name: Lillith
Rank: None
Position: Cashier/Waitress
Assignment: Domain of the King Bar and Grill

Race: Dæmonette
Gender: female
Age: indeterminate, claims to be "over 21" but appears to be about 16.

Fitness: 2
Coordination: 3
Reaction: +1
Intellect: 2
Perception: +1
Presence: 2
Empathy: +2
Psi: 3

Artistic Expression (Dance) 1 (3)
Singing (3)
Athletics (Acrobatics) 1 (2)
Culture (Hell) 2 (3)
Dodge 3
Fast Talk 2
History (Hell) 1 (2)
Angelic Tongue 2
Federation Standard 1
Persuasion (Seduction) 2 (3)
Projective Empathy 3
Receptive Telepathy 2
Stealth (Silent Movement) 2 (3)
World Knowledge (Hell) 1 (2)

Shapeshifter +3 (humanoid forms only), Excellent Hearing +2, Obligation (Summoner) -3, Sexy +2

Other Statistics
Courage: 3
Renown: ?
Aggression: ?
Discipline: ?
Initiative: ?
Openness: ?
Skill: ?
Luck: ?
Resistance: 2

Background Notes:
Lillith is a demon summoned from a hell dimension. Her last master died of a heart attack before releasing her, so she is for the time being a free agent. She stays in The Domain of the King, from whence she cannot be summoned. Should she leave the diner, she will be subject to summoning by anyone who knows her true name and has the spell, or to banishment to her home dimension.

Appearance and Personality:
Height: 1.55m
Mass: 50kg
Complexion: reddish
Hair: coppery red
Eyes: green

Lillith appears to be a sixteen year-old Human female, except that her skin is a reddish hue. In some incarnations, she has a small pair of glossy black horns on her forehead, glossy black hooves, and a long barbed tail. She has a huge mass of coppery curls which reach below her buttocks, and wears a blue-and-gold cheerleader's uniform. She is light-hearted and giggles a lot, affecting a "Valley-Speak" dialect. She claims her father was Merlin the Magician.

A classical depiction of Lillith.

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