Name: David Lister
Rank: Technician 3rd Class
Position: Vending Machine Service Technician
Assignment: Jupiter Mining Company Ship Red Dwarf

Race: Human
Gender: male
Age: 3,000,030-ish (Biological Age: 30-ish)

Fitness: 2
Vitality: +1
Coordination: 2
Dexterity: -1
Intellect: 2
Logic: -1
Presence: 2
Willpower: +1
Psi: 0

Computer (Simulation/Modelling) 1 (2)
Concealment (Conceal Smuggled Objects) 1 (2)
Culture (Human) 2 (3)
Dodge 1
Energy Weapon (Bazookoid) 1 (2)
History (Human) 1 (2)
English, Scouse dialect 2
Material Engineering (Vehicular) 1 (2)
Personal Equipment (Environmental Suit) 1 (2)
Propulsion Systems Engineering (Shuttlecraft Propulsion Systems) 1 (2)
Shipboard Systems (Vending Machine) 1 (2)
Stealth (Hide) 1 (2)
Streetwise (Locate Contraband) 1 (2)
Systems Engineering (Vending Machine) 1 (2)
Unarmed Combat (Brawling) 1 (2)
Vehicle Operation (Shuttle) 1 (3)
World Knowledge (Earth) 1 (2)

Double-jointed +2
Excellent Metabolism +1
Diminished Social Status -1
Exile -4
Greedy -1

Other Statistics
Courage: 5
Renown: 10
Aggression: -1
Discipline: -5
Initiative: -2
Openness: +2
Skill: 0
Resistance: 3

Background Notes:
Early Life History: Orphan

David Lister is an orphan from a working-class city in England, on Earth. While working his passage on the Jupiter Mining Company's ship Red Dwarf, he concealed a pet cat aboard the ship and was sentenced to 18 months in stasis. Unfortunately, while he was in stasis, the ship suffered a drive failure and the crew all died of radiation poisoning. 3 million years later, the radiation died down enough for the now-senile ship's computer, Holly, to awaken him. To keep him from going crazy, Holly provided a holographic companion patterned on his dead bunkmate, Arnold Judas Rimmer. Rimmer and Lister despise one another. Lister's other companions include the Cat, a humanoid creature descended from Frankenstein, Lister's pet cat, who was pregnant when Lister went into stasis and had nested in a cargo hold far enough away from the drive to avoid radiation poisoning; and Kryten, a domestic mechanoid who they rescued from a crashed ship.

Unknown to Lister, his parents were Kristine Kochanski (an alternate universe version of a ship's officer Lister had a crush on), and Lister himself...

Appearance and Personality:
Height: 1.75m
Mass: 65kg
Complexion: brown
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: brown
Dave Lister is a mixed-heritage Human with African features predominating. He speaks with a pronounced working-class Liverpool accent. He is of average height, and is slightly overweight. He wears his hair short, except for a bunch of scraggly dreadlocks in back. He is often unshaved, and generally wears soiled clothing, including a curry-stained tee-shirt, combat pants, scuffed work boots, a leather jacket and a leather cap with a collection of metal pins on it.

He is a shiftless, lazy ne'er-do-well. His favourite activities are getting drunk, eating vindaloo (an extremely hot variety of Indian curry), watching old movies or playing virtual reality role-playing games, and avoiding anything which smacks of work. He smokes, he belches and he scratches himself in public.

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