Name: Marvin
Position: Ship's Robot
Assignment: SS Heart of Gold

Race: Sirius Cybernetics Android GPP Prototype
Gender: none
Age: new, when stolen, now 576,000,003,579 years old

Fitness: 4
Strength: +1
Vitality: +2
Coordination: 2
Intellect: 6
Logic +2
Presence: 2
Psi: 2
Range: +2

Computer (Programming) 9 (10)
Culture (Galactic) 5 (6)
Energy Weapon (Kill-O-Zap® Ray Gun) 5 (6)
History (Galactic) 5 (6)
Physical Sciences (Physics) 5 (6)
Propulsion Engineering (Quark Drive) 5 (6)
(Improbability Drive) (6)
Receptive Telepathy 3 (4)
Security (Security Systems) 5 (6)
Shipboard Systems (Flight Control) 5 (6)
Space Sciences (Astrogation) 5 (6)
World Knowledge (General) 2 (3)

Alertness +2; Excellent Vision; Excellent Hearing; Excellent Chemoreception; Infrared Vision; Mathematical Ability; Engineering Ability; Deppressed

Other Statistics
Courage: 0
Renown: 50
Aggression: 0
Discipline: 10
Initiative: -10
Openness: 0
Skill: 30
Resistance: 5

Background Notes: When the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation first developed and patented the Genuine People Personality feature, Marvin was the prototype model. His neuromechanical Micro-Sub-Meson computer brain gives him very superior intelligence, but unfortunately he believes fervently that everybody regards him as a simple "menial robot" and generally hates him -- and this belief is usually self-fulfilling. He has been taken apart, reassembled, damaged, repaired and blasted through the eddies of space, time and probability so many times that, although he died on Preliumtarn in Galactic Siderial Year 03797, he is existent -- often in several places at once -- from one End of the Universe to the other, and currently seventeen times as old as the Universe itself.

Appearance and Personality:
Height: 1.8m
Mass: 300kg
Complexion: grey metal
Hair: none
Eyes: glowing red

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