Klin'sann, the central planet of the Imperial Klingon States, allows, but restricts, freetraders. Here, tariffs are high, and so the black market thrives. The Klingons are willing to trade the planet's rich resources for the goods they need so desperately. Klin'sann was first settled in the latter part of the Four Years War by a splinter group of Klingons. The group, led by Admiral Kamato, attempted a coup on the Imperial Throne during the war's confusion. The Chancellor, who had foreseen the attack, quickly defeated Kamato with a large Imperial force. Kamato and his remaining followers retreated into the Triangle to await another opportunity. They found Patterson's Place, a planet inhabited by a small group from the UFP. The Klingons destroyed the existing colony, established themselves, and renamed the planet Klin'sann, or Little Empire.

Klin'zhai, capital of Klin'sann

The IKS was founded when Kamatos withdrew any contact with the Empire in 2269, when the Cure to the Augment Virus began to spread. IKS Klingons regard the cure as a plague and refuse to deal with the Empire, seeing the "Imperials", as they call them as unclean. On KIin'sann, the IKS has set up a government nearly identical to the Empire of the 2260's, with Admiral Kepel currently in charge. Kamato is long dead, and the idea of one day taking over the Empire died with him. The IKS is attempting to expand, hoping to build their power base in the direction of Empire.

IKS Klingon.

Admiral Kepel, current IKS Chancellor

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