Jonny's Retreat
Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Jonny's Retreat M 15,600 II 1 1.2G 25.0 Terrestrial Arctic Information

Jonny's Retreat is a dismal planet. Although it is three-quarters land, the world is so covered with snow and ice there is no way to tell where the land starts and the water stops. Jonny Farlo came here several years ago to "get away from it all". As time went by, the Klingons began taking an interest in Farlo and his small party from the Federation. Because the planet offers them nothing of value, the Klingons came to tolerate Farlo's existence within what they consider to be the boundaries of their Empire.

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Jonny Farlo
In exchange for his solitude, Jonny offers them a service. He sells the Klingons information (for which there is no Planetary Trade Profile value). His small domed settlement offers neutral ground where two parties may exchange information, or else Jonny will buy the information himself, for sale later when the price and time are right. The Klingons have tacitly agreed to permit Jonny's customers to come and go at will, forthey know their well may dry up if they interfere. Jonny's Retreat cannot sustain itself, so all needs must be met through imports, including foodstuffs. Farlo earns a great deal of money or receives goods in exchange for the information he sells; with this, he is able to purchase what he needs, paying the going price (within reason). There are no tariffs of any kind, as Jonny is anxious to get his hands on anything he can.

Jonny Farlo's domed settlement

Jonny Farlo rules the small colony himself. Even though the planet is considered Klingon, and is coded as such, the Kllngons have found it easier to let Jonny do as he pleases. Anyone who has tried to oppose him has simply disappeared.

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