Chaniviev is the site of the revolution against Mantiev. Its government is currently supported by the Klingons, with whom trade is virtually unrestricted. The Klingons, of course, are after a foothold in this sector of space. Also, the war gives them a perfect opportunity to test new weapons systems in actual combat. Not much actual combat is taking place here, however, as most of the current fighting is centered on Kallendeva. All other trade is restricted, with no travel to Mantiev allowed at all. The black market flourishes in Chaniviev better than most other places in the Triangle, because of the vast opportunities to be had. Risks are commensurate with profits, however.

Jonas Elley, the leader of the Chaniviev Alliance, was defeated in his bid to be elected President of The Mantiev Colonial Association. This event officially started the war, although the Klingons and Romulans both had been pushing the situation for some time.

President Willson

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