Kallendeva is the site of the most intense fighting occurring in the MCA. The Chaniviev forces, or Chans, as they have come to be called, are being led by General Patrushka Allaya, merely a spokesman for the Klingons. Bayerlin, the commander of the Loyalists, is in a somewhat better position, as the Romulans are supporting with plenty of equipment but little advice. The war is currently a stand-off. There are Federation ambassadors in-system offering to help with peace negotiations, but neither side is willing to even sit down and discuss the problems of what started as a squabble over land rights. The Federation, naturally, has sent military intelligence personnel to evaluate the situation, especially regarding the Romulan and Klingon equipment being used.

Generals Allaya and Bayerlin

Trade is limited to those foolhardy enough to venture in-system or risk being shot down attempting to land on Kallendeva. The black market is intense here, with everything from food to weapons trading hands. Many Federation-backed traders are in the area attempting to lay their hands on Klingon or Romulan weapons.

There is no government on the planet, as it was settled and owned primarily by the mining facilities owned by private corporations. These companies were the reason the war started in the first place, as the Chaniviev Alliance tried to wrest control from the Mantiev government.

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