Mantiev was the first planet of the Mantiev Colonial Association, which is currently in the midst of an immense civil war. The entire Association has been placed under a strict curfew, with neither persons nor goods allowed to enter or exit the Association. As can be imagined, this is proving impossible to enforce in the middle of a civil war. All military forces have split into two factions, with The Loyal States Alliance supporting the Mantiev government and the Chaniviev Alliance supporting the rebels. What further complicates matters is that the Klingons are supporting the rebels, and the RomuIans are supporting the Loyal States. Most of the fighting is now taking place on Kallendeva, which was previously unoccupied.

Mantiev is a world rich in agriculture and in minerals. It is currently exporting much of its wealth in exchange for much-needed military equipment. Trade restrictions with the Romulans have been relaxed, while high tariffs have been applied to anything resembling Klingon design or origin. The black market is extensive, as is to be expected in a war setting. At present, the Mantiev Colonial Association, under President Willson, is not in control of anything. The Association has been temporarily disbanded, and President Willson is nothing more than a figurehead.

President Willson

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