Stork's Rest

Stork's Rest is the fourth member of the Nlantiev Colonial Association, and it is the only planet in the Association to be untouched physically by warfare. The planet is a mystery; 74% of it is covered by water, and the land masses are mostly desert. High mountain ranges surround the land masses, and almost all rainfall is rapidly returned to the oceans. The resulting ecology has created some unique gems, which comprise the bulk of the p|anet's exports. The planet is still Loyalist, with the money from the sale of its gems going to help equip the Loyalist military.

AIthough the rebels are so occupied on Kallendeva that they have no real forces to spare, a few raids have been staged here. The raids do succeed in tying up large numbers of Loyalist troops, however, preventing them from being used elsewhere. As most of the gems are immediately sold to the government, there is very little black marketeering possible. Tariffs are low in order to encourage sale of the gems.

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