In the Rising Sun campaign, the Mirror-Universe counterparts of the Rising Sun crew have travelled through their version of the wormhole from the Terran Empire to the Galactic Empire, in which they have much in common, They have allied themselves with 0-B1 Kenobi, and when he receivrd Lady Vader's distress call, they accompanied him in the Death Star to investigate. They have detected the Excalibur-A's warp signature and have gone forth in the Defiant-class Enforcer Rising Sun to confront what they believe to be a Terran Empire ship.

The Mirror-Universe is a distorted reflection of the main-stream Star Trek universe. In place of the United Federation of Planets, it has the Terran Empire, complete with Starfleet. After the Praxis incident, the Empire conquered the Klingons, who are now valued clients of the Empire, serving as storm troops.

The Terran Empire is an analogue of the Federation. In this version of the Mirror Universe, it survived the reign of Emperor Spock, who had exiled Captain Kirk to Ceti Alpha V, which suffered the same fate as in the mainstream Trek universe. Kirk was rescued by Dr. Carol Marcus and subsequently assassinated Captain Clark Terrel. He then killed Spock and assumed the mantle of Emperor, taking the reign name of Emperor Tiberius I, after his illustrious ancestor. Emperor Tiberius was killed supervising the launch of the ISS Enterprise-B in 2296, just 3 years after he conquered the Klingon Empire at the Battle of Khitomer, killing Chancellor Gorkon in single combat.

Emperor Tiberius I

Mirror-Universe uniforms are a twisted variant on Starfleet uniforms, emphasising the masculinity or feminity of the officer wearing it. Most Imperial Starfleet officers carry a dagger and phaser, and junior officers carry an agoniser with which they can be punished for any infraction, no matter how small. The Imperial Starfleet insignia is a dagger thrust through an Earth globe, and is not a communicator, as are Federation combadges. Section 31 acts as political officers, a combination of Stalinist-era Zampolits and Himmler's Gestapo.

Imperial uniforms
Top Row: Captain's Casual Uniform/Female Officers/Section 31/Dress Uniforms
Middle Row: Senior Officers/Junior Officers, NCOs
Bottom Row: Crewmen/Security/Engineering Rad-suit/Vacuum Suit

Imperial Starfleet insignia

Terran Imperial flag

Varon-T disruptor              Agoniser          Imperial dagger

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