Sector 001

Typical Humanoid
Although most member species of the United Federation of Planets are humanoid, a small minority are non-humanoids. Prominent among these are Earth's Dolphins (tursiops sapiens) and Janus VI's Horta.

Typical Dolphin
Dolphins are small cetacean mammals with beaklike snouts. They evolved along with humans on the planet Earth, although for much of human history dolphin sentience went unrecognized. Dolphins are peaceful, intelligent, curious, and friendly. They are aquatic beings, spending their entire lives in water, although they breathe air. They possess a form of sonar which can reliably sense an object's size, shape, texture, and density up to 20 meters away (in a liquid medium). Since they have no appendages suited to tool use and other such typical humanoid manipulation of their environment, dolphins tend to be introspective and contemplative.
Dolphin in EVA Suit
Dolphins (and their cousins, the Whales) are valued in Starfleet for their outstanding navigational abilities. Some ships, in fact (including the Galaxy-class) incorporate special facilities to accommodate cetacean crewmembers and/or researchers. "Cetacean Ops" on these ships is where theoretical topics in navigation are studied in depth.

Typical Horta
After the unfortunate first UFP contact with the Horta in 2267 these silicon-based life forms have found a place in the Federation. They posses a natural understanding of mining and can exude an extremely corrosive acid (which does 1D6 to 25 points of damage, depending on exposure). they have no vocal apparatus so they must use devices to synthesize spoken language.

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