Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Altair M 20,500 VI 2 1.5G 22.0 Terrestrial Warm Temperate Tourism
Altair VI is the sixth planet of the Altair system, also known as Alpha Aquila. The USS Constellation and the Klingon flagship IKS K'lirta engaged in combat at Alpha Aquila VI, prior to the Organian Peace Treaty.

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Despite a long interplanetary conflict in this system in the years before, Altair VI was well known for its excellent shore leave facilities in 2267. In the same year a new president was to be inaugurated on the planet, an event of significant importance towards stability in the Altair system. The inauguration was expected to send shock waves as far as the Klingon Empire and therefore was attended by three Starfleet starships, including the USS Enterprise.

In 2285, Altair VI was a part of the Kobayashi Maru simulation at Starfleet Academy; the Kobayashi Maru claimed to be nineteen periods out of Altair VI.

The Altair system was an inhabited star system of strategic importance to the Federation in the 23rd century. In the 2280s a freighter could travel in nineteen periods from Altair to reach Gamma Hydra sector, Section 10. Planets of the Altair system were the origin of such beverages as Altair water, the champagne Altairian Grand Premier, and the Altair sandwich.

The disease Altarian encephalitis also originated from the system.

The Altair system had been involved in long interplanetary wars in the early 2260s. Federation attempted to help stabilize this by supporting the inauguration of a new president on Altair VI in 2267. Three starships, including the USS Enterprise, were to rendezvous here for this historic occasion. Their presence was a demonstration of friendship and strength which was thought to cause ripples all the way to the Klingon Empire.

In 2190, the NX-57 Excalibur was on a standard checkup on the Altair IV colony, a checkup which went tragically wrong. There were only two survivors of the SS Bellerophon expidition, Dr. Edward Morbius and his daughter, Altaira (Alta), born on the planet soon after planetfall. Morbius had been experimenting with the artefacts of the planet's former inhabitants who had killed themselves off a millennium ago. In doing so, he had unleashed a creature borne of his subconscious, a veritable "Monster from the Id", as he described it later. With Alta expressing affection for Captain Adams, Morbius became upset and the creature was unleashed against the Excalibur, nearly destroying the visitors from Earth. Altaira escaped the devastation of the planet aboard the Excalibur with her father's robot, Robby.

Darien Wallace was born on Altair IV.

Some time before 2364, first officer William Riker refused Captain Robert DeSoto of the starship USS Hood to beam down to Altair III. Captains Rixx and Jean-Luc Picard had initially met at the Altairian Conference sometime prior to 2364.

In 2371, Doctor Henri Roget of the Central Hospital of Altair IV, was awarded the prestigious Carrington Award for his work in the field of medicine.

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