Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Andoria M 8,000 VIIc (moon) 0 1.2G 21.0 Thin Arctic Shipbuilding

Andoria - Class M Moon - United Federation of Planets
Epsilon Indi system, Beta Quadrant
Dominant Species:
1 billion
1.0 G
10,084 km
Length of day:
30 Hours
Surface details
Andoria is the Andorian homeworld and capital of its empire -- a founding member of the United Federation of Planets. A satellite of a gas giant in the Beta quadrant, its capital city is Laikan and Laibok a major industrial city. Andoria is an ice world, with a human-breathable oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. Andorian cities are underground and take their energy from geothermal activity. The cities are connected to each other by thousands of kilometers of tunnels.

Andoria is home to the Andorian race and was formerly home to the subspecies known as Aenar.

The ice cutter Kumari was the first vessel to circumnavigate Andoria.

In an early extraterrestrial observation, Andoria was surveyed by the Vulcan civilization's starship Yeht Fai-Tukh.

In early 2154 the Vulcan High Command launched an attack on Andoria but the invasion was aborted when Administrator V'Las was deposed.

The moon endures strong magnetic fields around its poles and its circumpolar Northern Wastes. The fields disrupt regional security grids, and have allowed pirates, slavers and others to covertly make planetfall there.

During the Romulan War, Andoria was the site of a battle between Coalition and Romulan forces. The moon was spared a devastating bombardment by a Romulan Bird-of-Prey due to the sacrifice of the Earth ship Challenger (NX-03).

In 2161 Andor co-founded the United Federation of Planets.

Several weeks before the beginning of the Dominion War, Kai Winn Adami asked Captain Benjamin Sisko if the United Federation of Planets would be willing to sacrifice Andoria to save Bajor from the Dominion.

With the fall of Betazed a year later, several people, including Kira Nerys saw Andoria as the Dominion's next possible target.

Laibok and much of Andor were devastated by the Borg during their invasion in February 2381.

Only during rare heatwaves does the temperature on Andoria rise above freezing, and even then only for a few weeks at a time. During mid-summer, a temperature reading of -28 C is not uncommon.

Andoria is the fifth moon of Andor (Epsilon Indi VIII). Andoria is considered one of the core worlds of the Federation and is situated relatively close to both Earth and Vulcan. It is located on the other side of the Federation from Deep Space 9 and particularly distant from the Ferengi Alliance.
Andoria has a much cooler climate than the class M norm. In the summer months temperatures in the northern polar wastes average around -28C. Eighty-five percent of the planet is covered in water with the remaining fifteen percent divided into two continents. Zhevra is the largest of the two and is located in the southern hemisphere. As well as the two continents a series of island chains exist, most notably in the northern hemisphere where the Andorian species is believed to have first evolved.

Many, but not all, cities are located underground to take advantage of geothermal heat. Major population centers include the capital, Laikan, Laibok, and Harbortown located on the northern islands. Andoria's mountain ranges are popular destinations for tourists. Both Worf and Kasidy Yates suggested them as possible locations for their honeymoons.

Provinces and Cities:
Thelasa-vei province
Neshilev Settlement Project

Points of interest and other landmarks
Andorian Academy
Aenar Compound
Atlin Zoological Park
Eastern Archipelago
Emarni Lake
Grand Staircase
Great Rift Range
Hand of Cheshras
Hill Country
Nitra Bridge
Northern Wastes
Plaza of Freedom
Therin Park
Vezhdar Plain
Wall of Heroes

Bodies of water
Anshim Ocean
Central Canal
Emarnl Lake
Frost River
Khyzhon Sea
La Len Ocean
La'Vor Sea
Lor'Tan Strait
Moss River
Smathl Lake
Lake Thalassa

Natural History
Andorian rose
Andorian tuber root

Andorian amoeba
Andorian bull Andorian forest spider
Andorian redbat
Ice bore

Andorian ice city
Andorian icescapes

Andorians are blue-skinned in appearance, with bilateral antennae that reflect their emotional state, and characteristically white hair. Andorians are self-described as a violent and warlike species, although they do have great affinity for family. No members of this Federation race were aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D when Data's offspring, Lal, was "born." Lal rejected an Andorian female as one of four final choices for a racial type, instead opting to become a human female. Apparently, according to Data on stardate 43657.0, Andorians engage in group marriages of four as a rule. However, most of what is known about this race is scattered.

This Federation member-race was the subject of some kind of gender-swapping joke by Quark that Morn was slow to catch; the punchline was "and the Andorian says, 'Your brother? I thought it was your wife!'"

Andoria is among the many planets providing a registry home to numerous ships that use Deep Space Nine. Their variety of silk is prized for its softness. Andorian jewelry is highly collectible and is not usually available on Deep Space Nine one of Quark's would-be expanded sales items by inter-station monitor. Historically, the first Vulcan-Andorian contact was encouraging, but the Vulcans felt the Andorians soon showed a duplicitous side in honoring only the self-beneficial agreements. The overall level of Andorian technology--including propulsion, weapons and sensorsis more advanced than Earth's in 2153. The military, if not society in general, is fully integrated to both males and females well before Federation membership. Andorian women use blue lipstick and eye shadow toned darker than their skin color. Like humans, natives show a tendency of monodexterity to either right or left. A celebratory drink of beverages, including those alcoholic, is a custom among Andorians as well as humans. Andorian ale is a favorite.

Andorian renegades in the Triangular system, it is said, once embarrassed a Starfleet admiral's supposed search when they hid their ship by dismantling it. An Andorian was present at Risa when Captain Picard vacationed there on stardate 43745.2, and also an Andorian group bid for Tellurian spices offered by Kivas Fajo on stardate 43872.2. Chirurgeon Ghee P'trell, an Andorian, was nominated for the Carrington Award in 2371.

Andorian genders
The Andorian and Aenar species are unusual in that there are four distinct Andorian and Aenar sexes, and a union between all four sexes, an act known as the shelthreth, is required for procreation. Two of the sexes, thaan and chan are approximately masculine, and the other two genders, zhen and shen, are approximately feminine. Andorians and Aenar accept the terms "male" and "female", and the pronouns "she/her" and "he/him", while dealing with binary-gendered species. In the primary Andorian language, the distinctions are as follows:

  • zhen - This sex roughly corresponds to female, and is the sex of the Andorian who will carry the zygote to term.
  • shen - This sex also roughly corresponds to female and is where all Andorian life originates. Although the zhen carries the infant, the child begins as gametes from the shen.
  • chan - This sex roughly corresponds to male.
  • thaan - This sex also roughly corresponds to male.
Reproductive process
The gametes of each "male" sex contain one quarter of the number of chromosomes necessary to produce offspring. During the conception of an Andorian child, the thaan fertilizes a shen's egg with his gamete. The chan then also fertilizes the egg. This produces a fertilized egg that develops into a zygote. The shen then transfers the zygote to the zhen's pouch, where it develops into an embryo. The Andorian fetus is incubated and nourished to term in the zhen's pouch. The zhen does not contribute genetically to offspring.

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