Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Babel M 8,700 XII 8 0.77G 18.0 Thin Cold Arid Diplomatic
Babel (Wolf 424 XII) - class D planetoid - United Federation of Planets

Location: Alpha Quadrant

Moon(s): 8

Gravity: .77g

Diameter: 8700 kilometers

Equatorial circumference: 12,500 kilometers

Length of day: 18 hours

Land mass percentage: 90%

Babel is the code name for a planetoid in the Wolf 424 star system which served as a neutral site for many diplomatic talks and other events between powers of the Alpha Quadrant. Relative to Tellar Prime, it is located on the opposite side of Andorian space. Babel is located near Theta III.

It was unnamed until 2154, when a conference between Earth, Vulcan, the Andorian Empire, and Tellar was held there, under the code name "Babel", a name derived from the biblical story. Babel served as the home of a part of the Federation Council, as well as being the location of the Babel Station. Outside Babel Station was an esplanade where a variety of commerce was conducted. Weapons were not allowed to be carried by visitors and delegates to Babel and Babel Station.

In the 19th century, Babel was host to the Ramatis Choral Debates. The first Babel Interplanetary Conference was held in the year 2087. Circa 2264, a conference and diplomatic function was held there, and attended by the newly promoted Fleet Captain Christopher Pike, Tellarite Administrator Muso, Vulcan Undersecretary for Agricultural Affairs Sorak, and Spence, among others. Pike saved Muso from being killed by the Orion assassin Leata, only to later learn of Muso's criminal activities. After a battle within the station, Muso was eventually arrested by Babel Station security after ordering Pike's death and attempting to kidnap Leata.

The planetoid was planned to host negotiations between the Andorians and the Tellarites mediated by the Human organization Starfleet on behalf of United Earth in 2154. However, the meeting was postponed due to tensions between the two powers caused by a raiding Romulan scout vessel in the area.

In 2270, the USS Enterprise transported Commodore Robert April and his wife Sarah to Babel, where ambassadors from all Federation worlds had converged to honor April as he had reached his mandatory retirement age. A major conference was held on Babel in 2267 to consider the question of Coridan's admission into the United Federation of Planets. Ambassador Sarek played a key role in overseeing this process.

In 2268, the USS Enterprise sent a message for the Federation Council to Babel.

By the 2280's, the planetoid was used as a site for peace negotiations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Ambassador Robert Fox was dispatched to the world in order to meet his Klingon counterpart Kalor so that a peace could be formed between the two powers.

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