Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Bajor M 12,600 VII 5 0.9G 26.0 Terrestrial Warm Temperate Mining, Agriculture

Schematic of the Bajoran Wormhole

Map of Bajor

Schematic of the Bajoran System

Class: M
Satellites (5): 4 (Derna), 5 (Jeraddo)
Native Species: Bajoran
Location: B'hava'el system, Alpha Quadrant
Affiliation: Federation of Planets Member

Bajor is the M-class homeworld of the Bajorans, located near the Bajoran wormhole. Bajor is the homeworld of one of the oldest civilizations in the Alpha Quadrant, about half a million years old when the first Bajoran interstellar flight was made around the 16th century.

Following the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor, a Provisional Government was established in attempt to reorganize and rebuild Bajor. Bajor is also further divided into different Provinces, which might carry political competences, too.

There are some nationlike factions on Bajor, prominent examples are the Paqu and the Navot. One major faction that opposed the Provisional government, and nearly succeeded in overthrowing it in 2370 was the Alliance for Global Unity.

Bajor first vied for Federation membership in 2373, however this was delayed due to Benjamin Sisko's visions of the impending Dominion invasion of the Alpha Quadrant. Later that year, Bajor signed a nonaggression pact with the Dominion prior to inception of the Dominion War following an endorsement by the Emissary of the Prophets.

Following the defeat of the Dominion in 2375, Bajor was once again in the process of gaining membership into the Federation. Bajor officially joined the Federation in September of 2376.

    Land formations:
  • Cliffs of Undalar
  • Dahkur Hills
  • Fire Caves
  • Janitza Mountains
  • Kendra Valley
  • Kola Mountain
  • Northwest Peninsula
  • Perikian Peninsula
  • Ratosha Pass
  • Sahving Valley
  • Southern islands
  • Tanis Canyon
  • Trilar Peninsula

Due to a slight green tint in Bajor's atmosphere, the seas on Bajor appear green in color when seen from orbit.

  • Glyrhond River
  • Holana River
  • Yolja River
  • Qui'al Dam

    Provinces: The continents are subdivided into numerous Provinces.
  • Dahkur Province
  • Hedrikspool Province
  • Hill Province
  • Kendra Province
  • Lonar Province
  • Musilla Province
  • Rakantha Province
  • Tozhat Province

    Cities and towns:
  • B'hala
  • Hathon
  • Ilvia
  • Jalanda City
  • Janir
  • Jo'Kala
  • Kran-Tobal
  • Lasuma
  • Relliketh
  • Tamulna
  • Tempasa
The Bajoran Wormhole, aka "The Celestial Templa":
The Bajoran Wormhole is regarded by the native Bajorans as the Celestial Temple, home of the Prophets, and the Wormhole Entities are known. The Prophets are non-corporeal, non tempoally linear, energy beings, and appear as half-metre tall glowing hourglass shaped Orbs called Tears of the Prophets. Nine of these Orbs were known to the Bajorans as of the Cardassian invasion, though one more has been identified.

Wormhole Entrance and Celestial Temple Interior

Bajoran Orb Casing; Orb of Prophecy and Change; Orb of Contemplation

    The Bajoran Orbs
  1. The Orb of Prophecy and Change
  2. The Orb of Wisdom
  3. The Orb of Time
  4. The Orb of Contemplation
  5. The Orb of Memory
  6. The Orb of Destiny
  7. The Orb of Truth
  8. The Orb of Souls
  9. The Orb of Unity
  10. The Orb of the Emissary (discovered 2374)

The Bajoran Priesthood:

Head of Bajoran religion, equivalent to pope.
Vedek Assembly
Equivalent to College of Cardinals.
Equivalent to bishop. Not all Vedeks are members of the Vedek Assembly.
Senior priest, equivalent to monsignor.
Equivalent to parish priest.

Bajoran Priests.

The Bajoran Militia:
The Bajoran Militia is the planetary military of Bajor. They use a ranking system similar to ground forces ranks. Most of the Bajoran Militia was absorbed into Starfleet, save for a small planetary defense force.

Command, Line, Security and Medical uniforms.

Bajoran Cuisine:
Bajoans enjoy a wide variety of foods, as do most carbon-based Humanoids, but they espacially enjoy hot, spicy foods like Earth Indian and Mexican foods. Prominent among Bajoran foods, and a test of mastery of Bajoran cuisine is Hasperat, which ranges from just "hot and spicy" to "mind-searing".

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