Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Benzar M 12,600 IV 3 1.3G 26.0 Thick, Tainted Warm Temperate Technology
Benzar, known as Pheradon to its native Benzites, is the third planet in the Gamma Xertia system and a Federation member world. Benzar is a class M planet but the atmosphere also contains a number of rare gases which are inert to all other humanoid life forms but essential for the Benzites who had to wear special breathing apparatus when off world to supply them with these rare gases, until 2370, when medical advances made this unnecessary. Benzar is the only habitable world in the system, it has two moons; Herti and Dwora and a huge spaceborne city in orbit called Merria, a major port and repair facility in the sector, that, in the 2360s, was in consideration to be given starbase status.

During the Dominion War, Benzar had fallen to Dominion and Cardassian forces by 2374. However, the planet was liberated by the Romulan Star Empire that year, after it joined the war on the side of the Allies. Constable Odo expressed concerns that the Romulans would not give up control of Benzar even after the war ended, as their usual policy was to keep claimed territories.

Andross (Anlov)
Andross Sea
Bepsot (Bepsot River)
Belross Sea
Chandock (Galmut Chi Panzor)
Chadock Sea
Grevan (Gral geostructure)
Farkoss (Freptas)
Lartak (Lorveth)
Lartak Sea
Lustoss Sea
Mantoss (Methot)
Mordoss (Morneth)
Sea of Entock
Sea of Gelkot
Sea of Grevan
Sea of Ker
Sea of Mantoss
Sea of Mordoss
Sea of Panthak
Sea of Renas
Sea of Toruk
Tarkat Sea (Tekra)
Tatock Sea

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