Betazed (Cyndriel) - class M - United Federation of Planets

Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Betazed M 6,650 II 3 1.0G 25.0 Terrestrial Warm Temperate Government
Location: Beta Veldonna system

Moon(s): three; Avandar, Merandar, Keylandar

Native Species: Betazoid

Population: Betazoid (5.6 billion), Human (11 million), Centauran (6 million)

Capital: Rixx

Gravity: 1.0 G

Length of day: 25 hours

Betazed (also known as Cyndriel) is a class M Federation member world, and home to the Betazoids. It is the fifth planet in the Beta Veldonna star system. The (ceremonial) ruling family of Betazed is the Fifth House of Betazed. The planet's capital is Rixx. The Betazed Federation ambassador during the 2360s and 70s was Lwaxana Troi, daughter of the Fifth House, holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed. Betazed has a matriarchy. Betazed hosted the biennial Trade Agreements Conference in 2366.The USS Enterprise-D passed fairly close to Betazed in late 2367 and diverted its course to pick up Lwaxana Troi. Deep Space 9 is quite far from Betazed, although a transport from the station often left for the planet. Vash was unwelcome (persona non grata in Q's words) on Betazed. The University of Betazed is located on Betazed.

During the Dominion War in 2374, Betazed was occupied by Dominion invasion forces. The Federation Tenth Fleet had been assigned to defend Betazed, but was caught out of position on a training exercise. As a result Betazed fell to the Dominion within ten hours. Once Betazed had been captured, other worlds nearby, including Vulcan, Tellar, Alpha Centauri, and Andor were at risk of Dominion invasion.

Betazed was liberated by the end of the war, as Riker and Troi planned their honeymoon in 2379 on Betazed.

Betazed was consistently described as a lush, beautiful world. The planet's climate varied from dense jungles to wide canyons and cliffs. Many of the major continents are dotted with lakes.

Lake Cataria is a beautiful place on Betazed. Janaran Falls is a waterfall in the Jalara Jungle on Betazed. It is rare for anyone to travel any distance into the jungle. It has dangers such as mud pits, but there are very few dangerous animals. Bacarba Lake is a lake located on Betazed. The Valley of Song is located on Betazed. The northern cliffs in the Valley of Song is a popular location for scattering the ashes of deceased loved ones. The Loneel Mountains is a mountain range on Betazed. Loneel Valley is the caldera of an ancient volcano. It is honeycombed with tunnels and caves. High concentrations of fistrium in the rock prevented detection by sensors. There was a resistance stronghold in these mountains during the Dominion occupation of Betazed.

Darona is a small colony in the Betazoid system known for its agricultural, medical and scientific research facilities. Darona is the 6th planet in the Betazoid system. Darona also has a prison. Darona has a rose-colored sky and an atmosphere of serenity and natural beauty. Jarkana is Darona's capital city, and the Jarkana spaceport is just outside 'the city'. Jarkana Mountains are near Jarkana. Jarkana is a large village of less than 100 squat square houses, built from adobe made from the indigenous red clay, with broad avenues between them, and extensive gardens filled with exotic flowers surround each residence. There are a few larger governmental and research buildings in the center of the capital. The Teskalia tree is found on Darona. Cavat is grown in fields on Darona. Less than 1,000 Dominion troops were stationed there due to its low population.

In an early extraterrestrial observation, Betazed was surveyed by the Vulcan civilization's starship Yeht Fai-Tukh (T'Plana Hath class).

In 2139, the Avandar was the first Betazoid starship to successfully break the light-speed barrier. Its crew went on to make first contact with the Terabians. Betazoids explored their home sector and maintained relations with several neighboring worlds; however, they had no knowledge of Humans and Vulcans in the years leading up to the founding of the Federation in 2161. Earth's Enterprise (NX-01) even flew past Betazed's home system within a few light-years, unaware of the civilization there due to limited sensor technology and the circumstances of their mission. But its central location made contact imminent, and more comprehensive exploration by the early Federation ensured contact.

Though they initially feared another conflict like with the Terabians, the Betazoids eventually saw the benefits in joining, and they became a quiet but visible component of Federation affairs by the 23rd century. However, they had to abolish the religious requirements of their matriarchal government before they could join.

Betazed was finally admitted into the Federation in 2273, after accepting its invitation for membership. Betazoid involvement soon proved essential to negotiating a number of important agreements of the time, including the Second Khitomer Accords and the Treaty of Algeron in 2311.

In 2366, Betazed held the Federation's biennial trade agreements. As of 2374, Betazed had a population of 5.6 billion Betazoids, 11 million humans and 6 million Centaurians. In 2374, the Dominion invaded Betazed while the Starfleet 10th Fleet was on a training run. The Dominion used Betazoid slave labor to construct Sentok Nor in orbit of Betazed. Sentok Nor was used as a Jem'Hadar breeding facility during the Dominion occupation. Starbase 19 is only a few hours at warp from Betazed.

Captain David Gold's son, Nathan, was visiting Ambassador Lwaxana Troi just as the Jem'Hadar attacked. Her assistant, Homn, was killed when the Dominion fired on the surface. However, the inhabitants fought back, and eventually rid the world of Dominion forces, but not until after suffering heavy casualties themselves.

Betazed is a remarkably lush, beautiful world, sometimes described as "the jewel of the outer crown" by traders and other visitors. Its gravity and atmosphere are comparable to Earth, and water covers 78 percent of the planet's surface. The planet has five continents and hundreds of islands. High mountain peaks of multicolored crystal catch the rays of the Betazoid sun, throwing delicate layers of color upon the landscape. The soil possesses crystals of a faceted green mineral called versina. The Betazoid sky is blue with pink clouds. Climatic zones range from tropical to arctic, with temperatures averaging 23 degrees Celsius in summer and 13 degrees in winter. The majority of the time, the weather is calm and pleasant in most areas, but when atmospheric conditions shift, they do so with startling speed. Average rainfall in all zones is roughly one and a half times that of Earth, though some seasons are wetter and some drier. No weather-control technology is employed. There is much farmland on Betazed, and many cities devoted to philosophical studies. Great expanses of natural wilderness cover much of the planet, varying from dense jungles to wide canyons and cliffs. Much of the major continents are dotted with lakes, and the planet is home to thousands of forms of native wildlife.

Oceans, Seas and Lakes:
Opal Sea
Thaxan Ocean
Alarmante Sea
Indar Ocean
Lake Cataria
Lake El-Nar
Bacarba Lake
Great Whirlpool

Continents (and Provinces):

Loneel Valley
Valley of Song
Jalara jungle
Hedayan Archipelago
Khara Archipelago


Land features and formations:
Lake El'nar
Lake Cataria
Opal Sea
Janaran Falls

Mountains and Volcanoes:
Loneel Mountains
Veliko Mountains
Vathax Mountains
Cataran Mountains
Azure Peaks

Places of Interest:
Amick Hall
Dalaria Spaceport
Enaren University
Janaran Falls
Plaza of Contemplation
University of Betazed

Katarian emerald grass
Muktok plant
Uttaberry plant

Flanarian bird
Wanoni tracehound .

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