Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Cait M 10,100 IV 2 1.25G 27.0 Thick Tropical Sciences
Cait {Ferasa) - United Federation of Planets - Class M

Cait is an M-class planet in the 15 Lyncis star system. The indigenous population, the Caitians, joined the Federation in the 2270s. The Caitians call Cait Ferasa in their native language. It also referred to as Regulus V in some Federation sources. Cait has 2 moons. The atmosphere, mass and gravity of Cait are all near Earth normal.

Cait is the second planet of twelve orbiting a moderate-sized yellow star. It is the only habitable planet in its system and has two moons, Rea and Sura.

The Caitian homeworld, home to about 5.2 billion, has 5 major continents on it, three of them very similar, one far to the south, and frozen, and the other right on the equator, with thick vegetation. The rest of the planet is covered in a wide ocean.

The native Caitians are a distinctly feline race. They are bipedal, with a thick orange mane, long tail, and large golden eyes that provide excellent low-light vision. The Caitian language consists of multiple soft tones, spoken with a deep, purring resonance; this style of communication makes it difficult for the Caitians to adapt to phonetic languages. Caitians have excellent hearing, with a frequency range far beyond that heard by normal humanoids. For this reason, most Caitians who enter Starfleet specialize in communications and sonic sciences.

The Caitian race is not hostile in nature. Their reputation as one of the most cooperative and intelligent members of the Federation makes Caitian crew members much sought-after throughout Starfleet. The Caitians are fierce warriors when so called upon, but pride themselves on their accomplishments in arts and philosophy rather than on the martial arts. Natives of Cait tend to be small and sinewy; the females are as delicately dainty as the Siamese or Abyssinian cats of old Earth. Their family units are extremely close.

The asteroid belt that lies between the fifth and sixth planets of the Caitian system is an abundant source of ores and valuable minerals, not the least of which is dilithium. Orbital refining platforms within the belt provide a large percentage of the dilithium crystals used in that area of Federation space. In the 2370s, Cait was represented on the Federation Council by Dynkorra M'Relle.

Larrrtov, the largest continent of Cait, is almost completely covered in savannah, with tall grasses. There are several rivers flowing through the flat, open spaces. The average rainfall over Larrrtov is enough to encourage the growth of several types of trees, especially in the small forested strop that spans the southern coast, and to keep the grass tall in most areas.
The continent of Pirrrem is the second largest, and is, for the most part, a smaller version of Larrrtov. It is also covered in a savannah of tall grasses, and there is also evidence of a land bridge connecting Pirrrem and Larrrtov. It is believe that at some point in the past, the ancestors of modern Caitians migrated frm one continent to the other, similar to the Terran migration among their continents.
The last of the savannah continents is Canrral. It has a long dry season, lasting for about three quarters of the year, and does not recieve enough rainfall to allow the grasses to grow as tall as they do on Larrrtov and Pirrrem. It also was not heavily populated, until the domestication of animals made large-scale hunting unnecessary.
The only heavily forested continent is L'narrr, located directly on the equator, and covered in a tropical forest. It was never, and to a large extent still isn't, heavily populated. It has never come as much use to the Caitians, except for a few resorts, to attract off-world visitors.
The final continent is Virrrtam, located near Cait's southern pole. The only vegetation on the continent is a small area of tundra, at its northern-most point. It is uninhabited, though at one point it was the destination of exiled citizens from Canrral. It does not actually cover the south pole, but the ice cap, attached, to Virrrtam, does. The actual boundary between the continent and the ice cap wasn't precisely know, until orbital scans were conducted, in the early days of Caitian space exploration.

Notable Lifeforms:
The planet is home to abundant life, on all continents except Virrrtam. There are several species of predatory and prey animals. The plant life is less varied, mostly due to a consistent prevailing climate across the planet.

Animal Life:
The most successful predatory animal, after Caitians, is the serret. It is a highly intelligent feline creature, found on both Larrrtov and Pirrrem. While Caitians and this species are genetically related, much like Terrans and the other primates on their world, the similarity ends with feline attributes. Serret fur is covered with spots, and the body is long and thin, even by feline standards, and it has short, powerful legs. Its hunting method is to wait, sometimes for hours, for prey to wander within only a few metres, at which point it pounces, and hooks its claws into its victim. Then, it rolls the prey onto its back, and slashes at its throat and chest.
The most hunted prey animal has always been the kanvel. It is a large, buffalo-like creature, that can feed a single Caitian for a month, though a single Caitian could probably not bring one down. It grazes in herds that can reach up to a hundred strong, though they rarely grow larger than fifty. They have thin, tan-coloured fur covering thick skin. They are massive animals, that could easily crush a hunter by simply rolling onto their side. However, to easily feed the increasing Caitian population, they have been domesticated, and introduced to all inhabited continents.
The teporr is a flightless bird, that inhabits the central area of Larrrtov. They are an ugly animal, but they are also considered to be quite tasty when served fresh. They are usually around 1-2 kilograms, and flock in groups of up to twenty.

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