Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Cardassia Prime M 12,500 V 0 1.0G 20.0 Terrestrial Cool Temperate Commerce
Carsassia Prime - Class: M - Cardassian Union/Dominion

Native Species: Cardassian

Location: Cardassian system, Alpha Quadrant

Affiliation: Cardassian Union/Dominion (formerly)

Moon(s): Three; Letau, Blind Moon

Population: 7.9 Billion (2370) After dominion war 7 billion

Capital: Lakat

Cardassia Prime (or simply Cardassia) is the sixth planet in the Cardassian system, located in the Alpha Quadrant; it has one moon. Cardassia is the homeworld of the Cardassian species and capital of the Cardassian Union. The planet's planetary capital is Lakat, and there were 7.9 billion Cardassians living on Cardassia until 2375, when the Dominion destroyed several cities. The Cardassians have been warp drive capable since 1925. Major attractions of the planet include the Imperial Plaza, the Lakarian Amusement Park, and Lakarian Amusement Park.

The Hebitians
The Hebitians were the first civilization to rise on Cardassia. They were a sophisticated, sustainable, self-sufficient society and worshiped the deity Oralius. The Hebitian society eventually fell when Cardassia suffered catastrophic climate change, the rainforests and grasslands transformed into desert and scrubland with just one patch of the ancient rainforest surviving the climate change in the Ba'aten Peninsula. Disease killed millions and the people lost their faith becoming militaristic and expansionist - the Cardassians. It was known that during the old times, portions of the Western Hemisphere was covered with lush green, thick forests with heavy rainfall covering the region. However, an atmospheric calamity of unknown origin befell the planet at the time, which led to centuries of drought. The remaining forests were cut down by shortsightedness with the once fertile soil had withdrawn to deep silty black top soil due to a single generation of overfarming. This led to the well known parched sands that surrounded the periphery of the cities bringing about a world full of deserts where there had once been rain forests. The once verdant forests were forgotten by latter generation Cardassians though members of the Oralian Way had records of it present within the Recitations that showed the paradise their home world once was.

Prior to the militarization of the Cardassian government, Cardassia was home to some of the finest art and architecture in the quadrant. However, the once great Cardassian civilization fell in to severe decay. Due to the planet's scarcity in natural resources, the impoverished society suffered from famine and disease, leading to millions of deaths. The Cardassian military continued this destruction of its heritage in order to fund the Federation-Cardassian War. At the end of the Dominion War, determined to punish the Cardassian people for their acts of rebellion against the Dominion, Weyoun ordered that Lakarian City be destroyed, resulting in the deaths of two million civilians. This could not, however, have prepared the Cardassian people for an even greater tragedy. After the destruction of Lakarian City, the Cardassian forces switched sides to aid the Federation Alliance. Enraged by the turn of events and betrayal, the Female Changeling demanded that the Cardassian people be wiped out. After planetary bombardment from the Dominion and Breen fleets in orbit and mass slaughter from the Jem'Hadar on the planet surface, the death toll stood at an estimated eight hundred million Cardassians, with a large portion of the cities in ruins.

Post-Dominion War recovery
At the end of the Dominion War in retaliation for the Cardassians betrayal, the Dominion decimated much of Cardassia resulting in billions of deaths and the destruction of much of the infrastructure. The clean up process took a great deal of time and there were still corpses on the streets for weeks after the Dominion withdrawal. A democratic government led by Alon Ghemor rose up in the aftermath.In 2377 Gul Kentar amassed a large military force, and while the bulk of the Federation's fleet was in the Delta Quadrant conducting a counter attack in response to a recent Borg incursion, made a sneak attack on the Federation's reserve fleet in the Pearl Nebula. This provoked the Klingon Empire to launch a campaign against the Cardassian forces under Kentar. After a number of offensives the Klingons pushed Kentar's forces all the way back to the Cardassia system and took control of Cardassia Prime and the rest of the planets in the system. With Kentar's forces crushed the Cardassian leadership requested a truce, which was negotiated by Chancellor Martok himself, before the Klingon forces moved out of the system in pursuit of last remnants of Gul Kentar's rebellion in the Hubrik system.

Planetary features
In comparison to Humans, Cardassians preferred a darker, warmer and more humid environment, most likely reflecting the surface conditions on their homeworld. Cardassia Prime was a planet with few natural resources, with jevonite being one of them.

Cardassian philosophy places order above both freedom and equality, resulting in an Orwellian society where the good of the state is placed above that of the individual. The Cardassians by and large are willing to sacrifice freedom and equality for order. There were also numerous similarities between Cardassians and reptiles. For example, while their skin is closer to that of Humans than reptiles, their neck ridges bear a resemblance to scales. Additionally, they prefer relatively dark rooms, enjoy the heat, are intolerant to cold (reptiles are cold-blooded), and are frequently portrayed as aggressors, an attribute often associated with reptiles.

A typical example of the Cardassian approach to life was found in their jurisprudence and criminal trials, in which the verdict was always determined beforehand - guilty - and the purpose of the proceedings was not justice in the Human sense but bringing the offender to recognize the power and benevolence of the State. A trial, therefore, was an opportunity for the state to reveal how someone's guilt was proven by what they considered "the most efficient criminal investigation system in the quadrant". Consequently, charges against the accused were announced at the commencement of the trial itself, the execution date was set in advance and only the offender's spouse as well as the court-assigned nestor and counsel could attend the trial. When Benjamin Sisko once asked Gul Dukat why bother with a trial at all, Dukat responded that the people demanded it as they enjoyed watching "justice triumph over evil". The notion that they might try an innocent man by mistake was foreign to them as they believed in and always operated under the assumption that "Cardassians don't make mistakes".

Cardassia system:
Cardassia I
Cardassia II
Cardassia III
Cardassia IV
Cardassia V
Cardassia VI (Blind Moon, Letau, 1 other moon)
Cardassia VII
Cardassia VIII

Mekar Wilderness
Morfan Province
Ba'aten Peninsula
Morfan Sea
Rogarin Province

Cardassia City (Capital)
Lakarian City

Lakarian Amusement Park
Imperial Plaza
Lakarian Amusement Park

Flora and fauna:
Indigo sunsearcher
Mekarian sawtooth

Desert Regnar
Sleg Corgan
Bekirr (animal)

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