Cestus III - Class: M - United Federation of Planets

Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Cestus III M 14,300 III 1 1.1G 21.0 Terrestrial Warm Temperate Administration

Location: Cestus system

Affiliation: United Federation of Planets

Dominant Species: Human, Gorn

Population: 28.6 Million human, 7.2 Million Gorn

Capital: Pike City

Cestus III is the third planet of the Cestus system. The M-class planet is located in a region bordering the territory of the United Federation of Planets and Gorn Hegemony and near space claimed by the Metrons.

In the late 23rd century, Cestus III was on the frontier of Federation space, beyond which little was known. In 2267, the Federation established the Cestus III outpost there, unaware of Gorn claims in that region of space. A Gorn Alliance starship, the Gress'sril assaulted the planet in 2267, in what became known as the Cestus III Massacre. The outpost was destroyed by the Gorn, and all personnel lost, despite the unintentional warning of an accidental time traveler from the 24th century. The Federation could be forgiven for not knowing of the Gorn claim to the planet; it was situated on the edge of Gorn territory and little effort had been made by the Gorn to settle on its surface or substantiate the claim.

Following intervention by the Metrons, the Gorn ceded Cestus III to the Federation. The planet became a thriving colony world over the course of the next century, with several cities springing up across the planet, including Pike City (the capital), Johnson City, Lakeside, New Chicago, Palombo, Port Shangri-La, and Prairieview, and eventually was elevated above its colony status to become a member in its own right.

Kirk's confrontation with the Gorn on the planet would later become one of the most famous incidents in his career. Benjamin Sisko once admitted he'd like to shake Kirk's hand and "ask him about fighting the Gorn on Cestus III".

Many of the colonists, during the 23rd century, began to experiment with crossbreeding fruits from Earth with some of the local plants which ultimately resulted in the production of wines, liquors and other agricultural products which were unique to Cestus III. Attempts to trade with the Gorn or exploit the planet's mineral wealth met with limited success, although the economy was sufficiently diverse and productive enough for the colonists to produce all of their basic needs. Nathan Reed was born in Pike City on Cestus in 2346. His brother, Jordan, was born there in 2349. Timothy Sinclair visited Cestus III during his journey to Belle Terre aboard the SS Trailblazer in 2357. The planet experienced a significant population explosion in 2370 when, following the formal end of the Federation-Cardassian War, Cestus III accepted a quarter-million people displaced by the establishment of the Demilitarized Zone.

In 2371, a coup d'etat on the Gorn homeworld led the rebellious warrior caste to launch an invasion of Cestus. The rebellion was short-lived, however, and Gorn forces withdrew to their own territory. The old Earth sport baseball saw a renaissance on Cestus III in 2371, with the establishment of the Cestus Baseball League. The sport of marathon running also played an important role here.

In 2374, the Gorn Hegemony faced a coup d'etat, and the rebellious warrior caste launched a surprise invasion of Cestus. Fortunately, the rebellion was short-lived, and Gorn forces withdrew to their own territory.

In 2379, Cestus Governor Nanietta Bacco launched a successful campaign for the office of President of the United Federation of Planets, following the unexpected resignation of her predecessor, President Min Zife. Bacco was succeeded as Governor of Cestus III by former Lieutenant Governor Yrolla Gari. President Bacco returned to Cestus III to throw out the first pitch of the 2380 Cestus Baseball League season. President Bacco was an avid follower of the Pike City Pioneers.

In 2381, Starbase 140 spacedock was completed.

In 2387, a huge shockwave caused massive damage on Starbase 140 and the Cestus IV Ship yards. Later they shipyards were moved to Cestus III.

Cestus III saw a significant influx of refugees following the Borg Invasion of 2381. It was also the destination of Kovlessa, a refugee vessel which falsely claimed to have been turned away at planet Zalda, sparking a brief diplomatic crisis between Zalda and the Federation. The USS Cheiron was dispatched to provide additional aid.

Much of the planet's southern hemisphere was dominated by a large bowl-shaped continent which had a single mountain range, the Coronado Mountains, running along its middle. In the northern hemisphere, there were several island continents. Most settlements could be found on the coast of the large southern continent.

Coronado Mountains
Ssoref Mountains

Pike City
Port Shangri-la
New Chicago
New Jericho
New Fargo
Johnson City
Two Rivers

Points of Interest
Shackleford Observatory
Moran Mining
Institute for Human-Gorn Relations

Natural History
The climate of Cestus III is often dry; however, temperatures around the equator rarely rise above 30 degrees Celsius and what few storms the planet experiences are often mild and provide needed moisture. Greelaks are a reptilian species native to Cestus III.

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