Deneva - Class M - United Federation of Planets

Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Deneva M 9,700 III 3 1.15G 25.5 Terresrial Warm Temperate Shipbuilding
Deneva - Class M - United Federation of Planets

Affiliation: United Federation of Planets(Member State)

Location: Kappa Fornacis system, Beta Quadrant

Dominant Species: Various Federates

Population: Billions

Deneva (or Deneva Prime) is a planet where the Human Deneva colony is situated, as well as Deneva Station. The planet was colonized by the 2150s, having been operating for "over a century" in 2267, as a freighting line base for mining in the sector's asteroid belt. It is considered one of the most beautiful worlds in the galaxy, and is located in the Beta Quadrant. Deneva has served as a key supply station for many Earth cargo ships, including the E.C.S. Horizon, for at least two centuries. Freighters make regular trips from Deneva carrying supplies to the nearby asteroid belt for the miners stationed there, and bringing cargo out. Montgomery Scott was an engineering advisor on a couple of those freighter runs. Earth Cargo Service vessels were making runs to the colony in 2153.

In late 2266, eight months before the visit of the USS Enterprise, space vessels from Ingraham B brought an infestation of neural parasites. These parasites would have wiped out the colony, as they had Ingraham B and at least three other civilized worlds, had not Captain Kirk and his crew destroyed them. Aurelan and George Samuel Kirk were among the colonists, though they were victims in 2267 of an infestation of neural parasites that caused mass insanity and many deaths in the colony. (Their son Peter survived.) Sam's brother James Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise managed to talk with Aurelan right before she died, and learned that the large single-celled creatures controlled the actions of their human hosts with intense pain. An infested colonist had killed himself trying to drive the organism from his body by flying himself into the Denevan sun, and that led Enterprise personnel to learn that the parasites were adversely affected by ultraviolet radiation. The crew placed 210 satellites around the planet to bombard the surface with intense ultraviolet radiation, and succeeded in eradicating the infestation.

Denevan crystals originate on the planet. Denevan crystals are considered contraband material, possession or sale prohibited by Federation law.

A lush and hospitable world without native intelligence, Deneva (also known as Deneva Prime and Kappa Fornacis III), charted and named by the Vulcans, was colonized by Humans in the early mid-22nd century, in order to establish mining operations in its star system's asteroid belt. It quickly became one of Earth's most economically indispensable and culturally influential colonies, in the Beta Quadrant's Kappa Fornacis star system. In fact, Deneva's status continued to rise until, by the 24th century, it was considered one of the core worlds of the United Federation of Planets. Sadly, the planet and its populace were annihilated during the Borg Invasion of 2381. As the colony continued to grow in the late 22nd and early 23rd centuries, a scientific base started to develop on Deneva, which drew many scientific minds from all over the Federation. It was in the labs of Carter Winston's Resources Corporation of Deneva where the energy-channeling properties of dilithium were first observed by Federation researchers.

Disaster struck Deneva in 2267 when a visiting transport ship from Ingraham B brought deadly neural parasites with them that took over the colonists' minds, making them build spaceships so that they could spread their influence. Fortunately, their plans were halted by Captain James T. Kirk (whose brother Sam and family were stationed on Deneva) and the crew of the USS Enterprise. Deaths from the invasion numbered close to twenty-one thousand, including Deneva's governor Newton Armitage, Sam Kirk, and his wife Aurelan. Deputy governor Helena Albrecht took over leadership of the colony. Following the end of the parasite crisis, the citizens of Deneva got back on their feet and the colony continued. By the 2380s, two Denevans had served as President of the United Federation of Planets: Alohk Ixan from 2281 to 2284, and Adam Zagrin from 2301 to 2308. By the 24th century, Deneva had become a Federation member state in its own right.

In 2376 the First Minister of Bajor Shakaar Edon visited Deneva as part of a good will tour of the Federation. By 2379, Otamad had been elected President of Deneva.

Oceans and Seas:
Aurelius Ocean
Terringen Ocean
Bolsibir Sea
Toran Sea


Borders Mountains
Randall Mountains
Sibiran Mountains
Summer Islands
Argo Islands
Malcom Island

Points of Interest:
Tate Spaceport
Norris Farm
Rose Farm
Scj Ranch
Sol's Ranch

Deneva Station
Jet City

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