Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Edos M 8,520 III 1 0.85G 22.0 Terrestrial Tropical Manufacturing
Edos (also known as Edo III) lies in the Triangulum constellation, on the rim of the galaxy. It is a jumping-off point for science teams studying the great energy barrier beyond the rim. It is also a peaceful planet which has never been involved in a war. The technology is as advanced as Earth's; the architectural style of its cities is strictly functional rather than aesthetically pleasing. The society has no class levels. All beings on Edos are equal.

Because Edosians have a long life cycle, it is highly unusual for there to be more than one child per family, for the sake of keeping the population down. As a result, all children are precious, and families are close. Ancestral records are kept in great detail, dating back for centuries. The closest Starfleet starbase to this system in the 23rd century was Starbase 8, although there was a Starfleet Intelligence base in the system, at Edo III. According to Starfleet Intelligence outpost maps, this system's coordinates are 0.51N 4.11W.

Edos is situated between Starbase 129 and Gamma Trianguli.

Edoans are a tripedal species, having three arms, three legs and three fingers on each hand.

An Edoan named Arex was a member of the USS Enterprise's crew in 2269-70.

Edoans are susceptible to the Dramia II auroral plague.

The Edoan homeworld was also home to the Edosian orchid and the Edosian suckerfish.

The Edoans are described as a peaceful, long-lived species worshipping many gods.

Himta Mayala, an Edoan politician, served as President of the United Federation of Planets from 2373 to 2381.

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