Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Janus VI F 16,900 VI 0 0.85G 24.0 (artificial) Vacuum Vacuum Mining

Janus VI - Class F - United Federation of Planets

Location: Janus system

Moon(s): None

Dominant Species: Horta

Janus VI was the the sixth planet of the Janus system, and was the homeworld of the Horta species. It was also home to the Janus VI colony, an important Federation source of pergium. The planet was geologically inactive, and had no atmosphere. Though the planet was rich in mineral resources, reaching them was difficult with standard mining technology. This planet was located in the Alpha Quadrant. Despite the colony's establishment in the 2210s, the Federation was unaware of the Horta until 2267, when a new level was opened up and the miners inadvertently began destroying Horta eggs, causing the mother Horta to retaliate by sabotaging equipment and killing over fifty colonists by the time she was stopped three months later. Once it was realized that the Horta was a sentient creature, an agreement was created so the two sides could share the planet.

The Horta were an extremely long lived species and the planet was home to no predator of the beings so Horta populations frequently became large. To make room for the next generations of Horta every 50,000 years all but one of the Horta died. That one Horta, the Prime Mother, then cared for the civilization's eggs in the Vault of Tomorrow until they hatched and repopulated the planet.

By the 23rd century the planet was volcanically inactive.

The planet was rich in minerals, including Pergium, a energy source for thousands of Federation worlds. This prompted the establishment of a mining outpost in the 2210s. At the time the Horta had entered a breeding cycle so their population only consisted of the Prime Mother, as a result the federation miners remained unaware of them until 2267. In that year new levels of the mines were opened and the miners unknowingly destroyed thousands of Horta eggs in the Vault of Tomorrow, mistaking them for nothing other than silicon nodules. The Horta began to sabotage the mining equipment and attack the miners in response. In three months fifty miners were killed and a distress signal was sent out. The USS Enterprise came to assist the planet and following a mind meld between Spock and the mother Horta the situation was eventually resolved with Horta and Federation personal agreeing to live and work side by side. The Human-Horta mining alliance of Janus VI became one of the most productive and profitable operations in the know galaxy, sourcing raw ore and rare elements to the entire Federation.

In 2270, Captain James T. Kirk returned to Janus VI to serve as a judge after the murder of a Horta.

In the 2370s a granddaughter of one of Dax's hosts lived on Janus.

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