Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Memory Aplha K 7,000 II 0 0.8G 22.0 Thin (Argon) Artificial Archive
Memory Alpha (also called The Memory Planet) is a planetoid. Memory Alpha is also the name of the library complex set up on the planetoid, containing an archive of the total cultural history and scientific knowledge of all planetary Federation members. The library was assembled for academic purposes only. No defensive shielding was installed, as the information was available to anyone in the galaxy.

The database of Memory Alpha is a semantic database which is capable of understanding the meaning of its information.

Many Federation starships need stellar cartographic data from Memory Alpha to operate.

As of 2269, the library complex was an array consisting of five large and seven smaller domes on the surface of the planetoid. Aside from the technicians, the occupants of Memory Alpha varied with the number of scholars, researchers, and scientists from various Federation planets who were using the computer complex at any given time. In 2269, The USS Enterprise was en route to transfer newly-designed equipment to Memory Alpha. Lieutenant Mira Romaine was on her first deep space assignment to supervise the transport from the emergency manual monitor. Before the arrival of the Enterprise, Memory Alpha was attacked by the non-corporeal Zetarians.

While the Zetarians were attempting to take over the bodies of the personnel of Memory Alpha, they managed to cause extensive damage to the complex. The memory core of the computer, called the central brain, was burned out. The energy generator was rendered inoperative. All occupants of the complex died from brain damage caused by resisting the mind control efforts of the Zetarians. After the Zetarians were destroyed, the Enterprise returned to Memory Alpha to begin repairs.

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