Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Ocampa M 20,500 V 0 0.9G 22.0 Terrestrial Warm Temperate Tourism

Ocampa - Class M - Unaligned

Native Species: Ocampa

Location: Ocampa system, Delta Quadrant

The planet Ocampa is the homeworld of the Ocampa species and the fifth planet from a G-type star located in the Delta Quadrant approximately 75,000 light years from the Badlands in the Alpha Quadrant. Ocampa has all the characteristics of a class-M planet, with the sole exception of the absence of nucleogenic particles which left the planet's atmosphere incapable of producing rain, and turning its surface into a desert. To the Ocampa, this period of time was known as "the Warming".

It was later discovered that this was an accidental side effect of the exploration of the planet by a group of Nacene. The Nacene constructed a vast underground city, two miles below the surface, for the Ocampa to live in following the disaster in the 14th century (Earth calendar), and left behind two members of the exploration team Suspiria, and the one the Ocampa came to know as the Caretaker to care for the race.

Although short of water, the planet is rich in cormaline deposits. The Kazon-Ogla sect maintain an encampment on the planet's southern continent to mine its resources. Jabin was the leader of this encampment in the early 2370s.

In 2371, the USS Voyager was transported to the area near Ocampa. It was at this time that the Caretaker passed away, having given the Ocampa enough surplus energy to keep the city running until 2376.

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