Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Remus Q 11,450 IV 0 .95G Tidally locked Thin Arctic Dilithium mining
Remus - Class Q - Romulan Star Empire

Native Species: Reman

Location: Ket Cheleb system, Beta Quadrant

Moons: None

After Romulus was settled by a group of Vulcan dissenters over a millennium ago, Remus was slowly colonized and soon the exploitation of its rich dilithium sources began. The Remans, either a native species of Remus or the descendants of Romulan settlers, or descendants of both, are since regarded as an undesired caste in Romulan society and were forced to labor in the planet's dilithium mines. Since the Reman dayside is far too hot to be colonized, the Remans' bodies are adapted to the harsh environmental conditions on the night side. Their appearance and senses are the result of adaptation to eternal Reman night.

Remus and Romulus are the major worlds of the Romulan Star Empire, one of the powers in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. However, Remus and its inhabitants had been excluded from Romulan politics until 2379, when Shinzon, a Human clone imprisoned on Remus, became Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire by a coup d'état. However, his plans to annihilate Earth and to crush the Romulan government were thwarted by the Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Remus is tidally locked, with one hemisphere always facing its primary while the other always faces away from it. The conditions on the night side are adequate for a colonization, whereas the day side of Remus is permanently exposed to the Romulan sun. Although both planets orbit their central star, Romulus and Remus are often referred to as twin planets.

Compared to its sister planet, this world has a thinner atmosphere and is also rich in resources with large deposits of hard metals, radioactives as well as industrial crystals. The dark side of the world is a cold wasteland with pockets of ice made of frozen gases. The ores present on Remus include Duranium, Pergium, Uridium and Zenite. The varying degrees of radiation also suggests the possibility of thalaron radiation being generated within certain regions of the surface making such locations dangerous. This meant it is a major source of dilithium, and it is often used by the Romulan Star Empire as a place of punishment to which political prisoners are sent for slave labor. Its rich nature of the world meant that by the 24th century, vast orbital refineries populated the space around Remus which were much larger compared to the Cardassian built Terok Nor class facilities. These refineries constantly spewed clouds of superheated rock vapor into the vacuum of space and brought pollution to the immediate environment. Ion freighters often moved across the region with their holds filled with raw dilithium ore. These harsh conditions would devastate the surface of any other world. The planet was defended by at least three warbirds of unknown class which were crewed completely by Remans. In order to ensure that the Remans did not rebel with such powerful 'assets'; the ships only had a maximum warp factor of three. In addition to this, each ship was linked to a Reman commune on the planet itself. Should any of these ships rebel against their Romulan masters, the commune would suffer.

While the Federation knows very little about Remus, long-range sensors have been able to make a rough map of the Remus settlements. There are 7 Romulan military colonies spread out on the dark side, and several dilithium mines surrounding them. The mines spread kilometers into the surface of the world. citation needed

Remus, or Ket-cheleb II, is an M-class world, smaller than Romulus, having a diameter of 11,450 kilometers at the equator, and a somewhat cooler climate. The planet has four continents, Astrakoth, Goreb, Kel'var and Valis'Shar, and a large chain of islands, the Zandranek Archipelago.Its capital city is Jaralex'Vanar. Though not suited for agricultural pursuits, the planet possesses extensive natural resources, and by the 24th century was almost completely given over to the Romulan Star Empire's military industry.

Dilithium Mines on Remus.

A Reman.

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