Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Tzenketh M 12,000 VI Rings 1.3G 23.0 Thin Cool Temperate Military
Tzenketh - Class M - Dominion

Tzenketh is a planet, the sixth planet of fifteen in the Tzenketh star system of the Alpha Quadrant's Tzenkethi sector. Tzenketh was the homeworld of the Tzenkethi civilization and the administrative center of the Tzenkethi Coalition. The Tzenkethi homeworld is located in an area of the Alpha Quadrant's Federation expansion, with Starbase 621 and the planet Mizar not particularly distant.

Tzenketh has a watery surface, with several island continents representing the landmass of the world. In particular, the Tnectish continent was the cradle of the planet's sentient civilization, and remained the location of the planet's capital in the 24th century.

Tzenketh is a cool world with expansive ice caps, although the habitable portions are not considered to overly cold planet. The early Tzenkethi civilization saw the icy Tfenpthi Mountains to the north as a goal, with the crown shape of their peaks representing an almost spiritual goal for their people.

Elim Garak once travelled to the planet while working for the Obsidian Order. While undertaking the mission, the walls of the building he was in collapsed around him. Some believed Garak's mission on Tzenketh was to help overthrow the Autarch.

Chasm of Iortz
Crown Sea
Crown Sea Ice Cap
Drog'cha Mountains
Fru'anth Sea
Fru'anth Sea Ice Cap
Hur'ahn Sea
Iortakh Mountains
Luorn Mountains
Orch'tza Ocean
Sea of Tzurka
Tfenpthi Mountains
Tnectish continent
Tzu'Nar Mountains
Vhra'nek Mountains
T'forgra Sea
Tzalmora Sea
Winding Strait
Yandir Sea
Zhorgka Mountains

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