Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Vega M 9,000 IV 1 0.98G 23.0 Terrestrial Terrestrial Tourism

Vega - Class M - United Federation of Planets

Once thought to be the home planet of the Vegan Tyranny (some scholars point to Triacus), Vega possesses extensive ruins belongingto some sort of sentient life. Today, Vega supports a Human population of over five billion inhabitants, and serves as a major cultural and trade nexus between neighbouring star systems. Vegan nightlife is among the most festive and exciting in the entire quadrant. Much of the southern continent has been left undeveloped so that archæologists can study the origins of the planet's first inhabitants.

The Vega colony, located in the Vega system, was established in the early 22nd century, and was one of Earth's most important trade partners in the early days of Human interstellar exploration. It was one of the earliest colonies established, along with the Alpha Centauri and Terra Nova colonies. It was, for many decades, located on the frontier of known space.

Travis Mayweather was born aboard his parents' interstellar cargo ship, the ECS Horizon, halfway between Vega colony and Draylax.

In 2152, Admiral Forrest speculated that an escape pod-like vessel, found by Enterprise NX-01, might have been launched by Vega colony. However, the small vessel was later discovered to be a timeship from the 31st century.

In 2254, the USS Enterprise planned to make use of the medical facilities at the Vega colony to take care of the crew injured on Rigel VII and replace the personnel who needed hospitalization.

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