Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Wrigley's Pleasure Planet M 10,500 IV 2 1.0G 23.0 Terrestrial Warm Temperate Tourism



Wrigley's Pleasure Planet is a famed recreational destination, considered along with Risa as one of the Federation's premiere vacation spots. Wrigley's Pleasure Planet (also known as Wrigley IV) is a well known location due to its promotion of hedonistic pursuits located in the Beta Quadrant.

Commander Gary Mitchell was on shore leave at Wrigley's in 2264 when he received new orders reassigning him to the USS Enterprise. In 2267, Crewman Darnell compared Nancy Crater to a girl he met on Wrigley's Planet, before being rebuked by Doctor Leonard McCoy. In 2389, Lieutenant Commander Eric Kramer, Lieutenant Melina 128, and Lieutenant Junior Grade Yvette Mintos were there for a short shore leave, when Orion Syndicate operatives Aleeza, and Fajah would try to steal valuable data from their shuttle the Orion Avatar. With help from K'Taria, they would foil their attempt.

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