Name: Jasonius Langdonius
Position: Intercessor
Assignment: Abraxas Station

Race: Romulan
Gender: male

Fitness 2
Strength +1
Coordination 2
Intellect 2
Perception +1
Presence 2
Empathy -1
Psi 0

Administration (Romulan Government) 2 (3)
(Romulan Courts) (3)
Athletics (Running) 1 (2)
Charm (Influence) 1 (2)
Computers (Research) 2 (3)
Culture (Romulan) 2 (3)
Dodge 1
Fast Talk 2
History (Romulan) 1 (2)
Intimidation (Cross Examination) 2 (3)
Romulan 3
Klingon 2
Federation Standard 2
Law (Romulan Corporate Law) 2 (3)
(Romulan Criminal Law) (3)
Personal Equipment (PADD) 1 (2)
Persuasion (Negotiation) 2 (3)
(Oratory) (3)
Planetside Survival (Urban) 1 (2)
Social Sciences (Political Science) 1 (2)
Streetwise (Locate Information) 1 (2)
Vehicle Operations (Shuttlecraft) 1 (2)
World Knowledge (Romulus) 1 (2)

Acute Hearing; Duty (Romulan Star Empire)

Other Statistics
Courage: 3
Renown: 25
Aggression: 0
Discipline: 10
Initiative: 5
Openness: 5
Skill: 5
Resistance: 2

Background Notes:
Birthplace: Romulus

Jasonius Langdonis is a licensed attorney who works on both the orbital station and the ground station. He can handle (or advise you on) contracts, but his passion is being a defense attorney. A strong believer in the rights of the accused (something not particularly popular with the Romulan courts), he’s your man if you run afoul of the law. If you have a defense, he will pound on the facts. If you are being unfairly prosecuted, he will pound on the law. If you are guilty, he will pound on the table and appeal to the judge’s better nature to give you a fine and let you go.

Appearance and Personality:
Height: 1.9m
Mass: 80kg
Complexion: olive
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Distinguishing Marks: none

This character was converted from the writeup in the game GURPS Prime Directive, by the Amarillo Design Bureau.

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