Name: Marius Julius
Profession: Petty Criminal
Assignment: Abraxas Station

Race: Romulan
Gender: male

Fitness 2
Strength +1
Coordination 2
Intellect 2
Perception +1
Presence 2
Empathy -1
Psi 0

Artistic Expression (Acting) 3 (4)
Culture (Romulan) 2 (3)
Fast Talk 5
History (Romulan) 1 (2)
Romulan 2
Klingon (broken) 1
Orion (accented) 1
Federation Standard (broken) 1
Law (Romulan) 1 (2)
Planetside Survival (Urban) 2 (3)
Security (Security Systems) 0 (1)
Sleight-of-Hand (Pickpocket) 2 (3)
Steward (Porter) 0 (1)
Streetwise (Romulan Underworld) 4 (5)
World Knowledge (Abraxas) 1 (2)

Alertness; Acute Hearing; Criminal Record; Wanted; Bad Reputation; Coward

Other Statistics
Courage: 3
Resistance: 2

Background Notes:
Birthplace: Unknown (Romulan Space)

Marius Julius has had a hard life. Nothing ever went his way. He has a job working as a porter for the local hotel, and this gives him many opportunities to search through the luggage of visitors (such as you). Hes not above picking a pocket or walking off with an unattended briefcase. If something goes missing, you might offer him a reward for "finding" it. Similarly, if you want something that belongs to some other guest, Marius might able to able to get it for you. (He has no skills to break through serious security but he will purloin loose articles with aplomb.) If you have a reason to talk to the local criminal syndicate, Marius might "know somebody" he could connect you with, but hes going to be a lot more interested in what he gets out of the deal than what you get. He will also accept tips for information of varying reliability about who to go see or what is happening behind the scenes.

Appearance and Personality:
Height: 1.75m
Mass: 75kg
Complexion: olive
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Distinguishing Marks: bad complexion

This character was converted from the writeup in the game GURPS Prime Directive, by the Amarillo Design Bureau.

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