Name: Tal Solis
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Head of Police Detachment
Assignment: Abraxas Station

Race: Romulan
Gender: male

Fitness 2
Strength +1
Coordination 2
Intellect 2
Perception +1
Presence 2
Empathy -1
Psi 0

Administration (Station Administration) 2 (3)
Athletics (Running) 1 (2)
(Swimming) (2)
Computer (Research) 2 (3)
Culture (Romulan) 2 (3)
Dodge 2
Energy Weapon (Disruptor) 2 (3)
First Aid (Romulan) 2 (3)
Intimidation (Interrogation) 2 (3)
History (Romulan) 1 (2)
Romulan 3
Law (Romulan Civil Law) 1 (3)
Personal Equipment (PADD) 1 (2)
Planetside Survival (Urban) 1 (2)
Planetary Tactics (Small Unit Tactics) 1 (2)
Primitive Weaponry (Knife) 1 (2)
(Shortsword) (3)
Psychology (Detect Lies) 2 (3)
Security (Security Procedures) 2 (3)
(Forensics) (3)
Shipboard Systems (Security Systems) 1 (3)
(Communications) (2)
(Sensors) (2)
Social Sciences (Criminology) 1 (2)
Stealth (Stealthy Movement) 2 (3)
Systems Engineering (Forcefields) 0 (1)
Vehicle Operations (Shuttlecraft) 2 (3)
(Ground Vehicle) (3)
World Knowledge (Romulus) 1 (2)
(Abraxas) (2)

Fearless; Code of Honor (Romulan); Duty (Romulan Empire); Sense of Duty (Romulan Empire); Acute Hearing; Intolerant (non-Romulans); Enemies in a rival house.

Other Statistics
Courage: 3
Renown: 40
Discipline: 20
Initiative: 10
Openness: 5
Skill: 5
Resistance: 2

Background Notes:
Birthplace: Romulus

Lieutenant Tal Solis is the head of the Police detachment at Abraxas Station. He is not happy, having been "dead-ended" at Lieutenant rank and parked in this job back in 2262. He is an Associate Member of House Sorkalif, and while he is generally in good standing with fellow House members, he lost a political argument with a superior officer of another House many years ago, resulting in his posting here. Abraxis was an isolated mining station at the time, but as Federation merchant traffic has flooded in during recent years, his job has become more important. While he is likely to remain at Pente-Tribune rank for the remainder of his career, his position is now prominent enough for Sorkalif to expend political capital protecting him from further attempts to transfer him to another backwater planet.

Tal Solis is a very busy man, in charge of security on the orbital station, as well as liaison with the local constabulary on the planetís surface and any units of the military that stop by. He is generally honest and conscientious, although he is not averse to giving foreign visitors some trouble about their paperwork if anything is remotely out of the ordinary. He does not suffer fools gladly, especially foreign fools.

Tal Solis is still deeply in love with his wife of 55 years, Litia Solis. They have two grown children, a son attending the central Police Academy on Romulus, and an estranged daughter. Tal and Litia havenít seen their daughter in ten years and are unsure of her whereabouts.

Appearance and Personality:
Height: 1.9m
Mass: 80kg
Complexion: dark olive
Hair: grey
Eyes: brown
Distinguishing Marks:

This character was converted from the writeup in the game GURPS Prime Directive, by the Amarillo Design Bureau.

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