Name: Saavik
Rank: Fleet Admiral
Position: Chief of Starfleet Operations
Assignment: Starfleet Headquarters, Earth, Sector 0-0-1

Species: Vulcan
Gender: female
Age: 115

Fitness 3
Vitality +1
Intellect 4
Logic +2
Coordination 3
Presence 2
Empathy -1
Psi 2


Administration (Stafleet Command) 3 (4)
Command (Starship Command) 3 (4)
Computer (Simulation/Modelling) 4 (5)
Culture (Vulcan) 2 (4)
(Romulan) (3)
Diplomacy (Interstellar Treaties) 2 (3)
Dodge 1
Energy Weapon (Phaser) 2 (3)
First Aid (Wound/Combat Trauma) 1 (2)
Gaming (3D Chess) 1 (2)
History (Federation) 1 (2)
(Vulcan) (2)
(Starfleet) (2)
Federation Standard 4
Vulcan 4
Romulan 2
Law (Starfleet Regulations) 2 (4)
(Federation Interstellar Law) (3)
Life Sciences (Ecology) 2 (3)
(Exobiology) (3)
Mind Meld 3
Personal Equipment (Environment Suit) 1 (2)
(Tricorder) (4)
Planetside Survival (Jungle) 1 (2)
(Desert) (3)
Propulsion Engineering (Warp Drive) 2 (3)
Psychology (Vulcan) 1 (3)
(Romulan) (2)
Receptive Telepathy 2
Shipboard Systems (Command) 3 (4)
(Flight Control) (4)
(Sensors) (4)
Space Sciences (Astrogation) 2 (3)
Starship Tactics (Federation Naval Tactics) 3 (4)
(Romulan Naval Tactics) (4)
Strategic Operations (Neutral Zone Strategies) 4 (5)
Systems Engineering (EPS Systems) 1 (2)
Unarmed Combat (Starfleet Martial Arts) 1 (2)
(Nerve Pinch) (3)
Vehicle Operation (Shuttle) 1 (2)
(Thruster Suit) (2)
World Knowledge (Vulcan) 1 (2)
(Hellguard) (2)

Mixed Species Heritage (Romulan/Vulcan); Orphan; Hides Emotions; Curious; Impulsive; Promotion (Fleet Admiral); Department Head (Starfleet Operations); Famous Incident (Genesis); Contact (Ambassador Spock)

Other Statistics
Courage Points 3
Renown 105
Aggression 0
Initiative 25
Discipline 25
Openness 20
Skill 35
Resistance 4

Birthplace: Hellguard
Early Life: Orphan
Academy Life: Command School
Cadet Cruise: Genesis Incident
Saavik was born on the colony world of Hellguard, daughter of a Vulcan colonist and the Romulan soldier who raped her. She was found at an early age by Starfleet officers and adopted by Ambassador Sarek and his Human wife Amanda. Saavik attended Starfleet Academy as had her step-brother, Spock, before her, and was selected for Command training. She was promoted to Lieutenant straight out of the Academy, and participated in the defeat of Khan Noonian Singh and the Genesis Incident which followed, during which she became friends with the young Dr. David Marcus (killed on Genesis) and saved the life of Captain Spock. She remained on Vulcan following the incident, returning eventually to active duty.

Saavik has served a long and distinguished career, and is now a Fleet Admiral, Chief of Starfleet Operations.

Description and Personality Saavik is a beautiful dark-haired female Vulcan in early middle age. She is on the surface a "by-the-book" officer, but her association with officers like James T. Kirk, Hikaru Sulu and her step-brother Spock has taught her that there are times when the rules simply need to be broken.

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