Many types of ships travel the spacelanes of the Triangle, many of which are familiar to personnel from the Federation. These include starliners and freighters, civilian-built and Starfleet surplus.

One of the major passenger lines is v'Shandru Lines with its King Richard class luxury liners, which lend a whole new meaning to the word "luxury" with their classic Art-Deco lines. (Click on the ship image above to find out more about v'Shandru Lines.)

Chameleon class freighter                           Mission class courier

ex-Miranda class transport                           Rigellian freighter

Firefly class freighter                           Antares Type 2 class freighter

Woden class robot freighter                           Independance class freighter

Klingon military freighter                           Sydney class transport

Erstwhile class freighter                           Bajoran type 1 freighter

Bajoran type 2 freighter                           Norkova class freighter

Gemini class freighter                           Jovis class freighter

Ju'Day class freighter                           Merchantman class freighter

Whorfin class transport                           Aerie class surveyor

Tavares class freighter                           ex-Yorkshire class transport

J class freighter                           Y class freighter

Antares Type 1 class freighter                           Aurora class yacht

Ferengi D'Kora class marauder                           Spacematic class transport

Axanari freighter                           Ballard class freighter

Java class container ship

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