A standard design for small warp-capable shuttlecraft, the Standard Shuttle is ubiquitous throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The origins of the design are obscure, but it is in use by many species. Variations in engine specifications are common, and exterior cosmetics vary considerably.

The Standard Mining Shuttle has a hexagonal cross-section, tapering into a flattened wedge at the front. The cockpit generally has seating for two crew, and a common addition is a purpose-specific console along the portside cockpit bulkhead. The aft compartment is often used for cargo, though it can also be found outfitted as a small crew cabin or passenger compartment. The Standard Shuttle is exemplified by the Nenebek from The Final Mission episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation

The mining shuttle Nenebek.

Statistics for the Standard Mining Shuttle are similar to those of the Starfleet Type 6 Shuttle, found in the Star Trek, the Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Core Rule Books. It is rarely armed and generally has only Navigational Deflectors. Narrators should feel free to modify the statistics as desired, to reflect the wide variations found throughout explored space.

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