Fooled Again
Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Fooled Again M 11,700 III 1 0.8G 26.0 Terrestrial Arctic Tradeworld

Frann Ulich is credited with the name this planet bears today. Ulich and her crew of 36 had set out on an expedition to investigate reports of a lush, beautiful, high-resource planet in this sector. Almost from the beginning, they met with problem after problem. Their sensors continued to work, however. While their ship was in orbit, the sensors revealed that beneath the thick clouds lay what they were looking for. When they came down for a closer look, the sensors still showed them what they wanted to see. Upon breaking through the clouds, however, they were greeted with nothing more than snow and ice. When they attempted to gain altitude and return to orbit, the ship would not cooperate. Captain and crew lost con- trol, crash-landing in a mountain range near the equator. When rescuers finally arrived, UIich's crew decided the planet was not so bad after all, and stayed to establish a small colony.

Frann Ulich

Their decision may have had something to do with the discovery of a beautiful new blue gem they named Icealia. The gem remains the colony's major export, with small animals and a hardy bluish flower comprising the rest. The flower, named Snow Blue, is in demand by florists the galaxy over, who are willing to pay high prices for the unusual bloom. The colony must import most of their needs.

Icealia                          Snow Blue

The planet is independent, trading freely with anyone who will. The Romulans recently sent a landing party to investigate, but, finding nothing of real use to them except for hard-to-mine minerals, they have no plans to move against the planet at this time.

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