Jackson's Hole is a Mars-like, Earth-sized planet near the Baker's Dozen worlds. It is inhabited by Suliban who harvest a valuable medicinal spice from indigenous species. Jackson's Hole is politically neutral.

Suliban are characterised by pebbly greenish skin and a lack of hair. Physically, they are unremarkable - close to the standard humanoid norm. During the 22nd cantury, some Suliban were used by agents from the 26th century as pawns in the Temporal Cold War. These members of the "Cabal" were granted genetic modifications in order to help their masters, but throwbacks to such gifts are extremely rare in modern Suliban.

Typical Suliban

Suliban female and male

Jackson's Hole was discovered by Terran explorer Aloysius Jackson in 2235, and subsequently settled by Suliban refugees.

Jackson's Hole
Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Jackson's Hole M 13,000 IV 2 1.0G 26.0 Terrestrial Desert Pharmaceuticals

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