Lanroche VIIl is a tradeworld placed equidistant from the Federation, the Klingons, the Turnstile, and Baker's Dozen. Anything and everything is available here, tor a price. Once a trader has aquired a broker, virtually any legal cargo may be purchased. The black market is also rich on Lanroche VIII.

Pirates and privateers will have nothing to do with the Lanroche system. For every pirate trying to operate near Lanroche, there are 50 bounty hunters waiting to claim any and all prizes. Physically, Lanroche Vlll is a warm, dry planet with small inland seas and great grasslands. Lanroche City, the major trading port, is on the shore of one of these seas, with its starport on an island offshore.

Gevernment On Lanreche is representative, with the Council of Managers elected each year. The Council then elects one of its own to the position of Lanroche Manager, who also serves one year. As with many tradeworlds, the ruling body more resembles a corporate board of directors than a planetary govenment.

Lanroche VIII
Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Lanroche VIII M 14,3000 VIII 1 1.1G 25.0 Terrestrial Warm Temperate Tradeworld

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