The Orion Frontier Mercantile Association, known as the Turnstile is a small grouping of Orion Syndicate-dominated worlds, nominally independant, but for all intents and purposes it may be considered a subset of the Orion Colonies.

Most inhabitants of the Turnstile are racial Orions, characterisec by green skin. The males tend to be heavily muscled, and shave their heads. They wear a variety of facial piercings and implanted jewelry to display their wealth and status. The women are voluptuous and affect long black hair. They secrete a powerful aphrodisiac pheromone. Often seen as chattel slaves, the actual situation is the reverse. The men are kept in thrall by the females' pheromones. What are often seen as slave auctions are in reality the men bidding for the affections of the women. However, they do hold slaves - of other species. This is not, of course , the whole story. The Orions are also shrewd traders in many other categories of merchandise.

Typical Orion "slave" women

Typical Orion men: note facial piercing and jewelry

                     Orion dancers                                             An Orion "slave" and her bodyguards.

An Orion woman up for "auction."

Many members of the Orion Syndicate are not racial Orions. Many of the Galaxy's low-lifes are attracted to the Syndicate, from members of Earth's Sicilian Cosa Nostra to Nausicaan thugs. All are out to make a buck, and don't care who suffers. The slave trade is largely left to the racial Orions. This has, however led to some misunderstanding of the Orions. Contrary to popular belief, there are no "Ruddy" Orions. These are merely other species who have melded with Orion society.

Non-Orion members of the Orion Syndicate

Orion ships are as individual as their owners. There do not appear to be any standard designs. All, however are heavily armed and most have considerble cargo capacity. They usually sport complex, fanciful paintjobs; often including snarling carnivores' mouths filled with sharp teeth.

Two Orion light attack craft

An Orion battlecruiser

The Turnstile, as the Orion Frontier Mercantile Association is known colloquially, consists of four planets.

Doo III                       Freeloader                       Laldan VI                       Workday
Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Doo III M 13,000 III 2 1.0G 30.0 Terrestrial Tropical None as of yet...
Freeloader M 19,500 X 0 1.5G 22.0 Terrestrial C Temperate Trade Centre
Laldan VI M 18,400 VI 0 0.8G 21.0 Terrestrial C Temperate Agriculture
Workday M 19,500 II 2 1.5G 27.0 Terrestrial Tropical Mining, Manufacturing

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