Laldan VI

Laldan VI is an agricultural planet, supporting neighboring Freeloader, Workday, and Doo lll with food and tex-tiles and providing a "farmer's market" popular with traders specializing in such cargoes. Laldan VI is part of the Turnstile,an unofficial alliance of Orion-owned tradeworlds in the bottleneck of the Triangle between Federation- and Klingon-dominated space.

Laldan's soil seems to be especially fertile, and so it exports enormous quantities of food; the saying "fast as growing wheat on Laldan" is commonly heard in this area. Among the crops grown here are quadrotriticale and quintotriticale, two especially hardy wheat/rye hybrids. LaIdan-produced variants of these are found all over the UFP and Orion systems. Currently, the Laldan Farmers' Association is negotiating a massive, and controversial, sale of wheat to the Klingon Empire.

A Laldan quadrotriticale field.

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