Twilight Nebula Sector

Twilight Nebula Sector Map

Name X Y Z Notes
Bonanza -5 +5 -10 Corporate-owned tradeworld.
Enid V -9 +9 +2 Former Human colony world.
Has applied for Federation membership.
D'ilvian +5 +7 -10 Andorian colony world.
Dalanda V +3 -1 -7 Trade port, Starfleet outpost.
Duo III +1 -1 -5 UFP/Andorian industrial colony.
Dvlaak +9 -9 +7 Klingon agricultural colony.
Facet -7 -9 +1 UFP dilithium mining colony.
Katan III -6 +8 +8 interdicted under Prime Directive
Keef -9 -1 -4 Unexplored.
Klaan +9 -5 +9 Klingon prison colony.
Klest +3 -8 +4 Klingon mining colony.
Klevaan +5 -6 +7 Klingon naval base.
RRiss -2 -7 +7 Independant world.
Home to the RRiss, a reptilian species.
Ssleen +7 -1 +7 RRissith colony world
Torrt VI +1 +5 +10 Andorian industrial colony.
Tortuga -4 -3 +0 Pirate haven. Existence is not generally known.
Also called "Twilight Base."
T'Rillian -8 -5 -9 Vulcan agricultural colony.
Stellar Phenomena
Twilight Nebula -6 - +1 -6 - +0 -3 - +4 Supernova remnant, heavy subspace interference.

The Twilight Nebula Sector is named for the region's most prominent stellar phenomenon, a nebula stretching over seven light-years along its major axis. The nebula is the remnant of a long-ago supernova. Within the nebula is a small rocky planetary remnant which has become headquarters for a band of pirates who've been preying on ships in the area for over a century and a half. The extreme subspace interference from the nebula has masked the planetoid from law-enforcement, and the pirates have been careful not to attack ships in the immediate area. The planetoid was discovered by the pirate captain "Jolly" Roger Goodfellow in the 2220's, and named Tortuga after the famous 17th Century pirate haven on Earth's Spanish Main.

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