Name: Niko v'Shandru
Profession: Merchant Prince
Position: CEO, v'Shandru Lines, v'Shandru Enterprises

Species: Andorian
Gender: male
Age: 52

Fitness: 3
Vitality +1
Coordination: 2
Intellect: 2
Logic -1
Perception +1
Presence 2
Psi 0

Administration (Merchant Line) 1 (2)
Assessment (General Cargo) 1 (2)
Bargain (Bribery) 1 (2)
(Commercial Negotiation) (2)
Command (Instruction) 1 (2)
(Combat Leadership) (2)
Computer Operations (Data Alteration) 1 (2)
Culture (Andorian) 2 (3)
Energy Weapon (Phaser) 1 (2)
Espionage (Forgery) 1 (2)
History (Andorian) 1 (2)
Andorian 2
Federation Standard 2
Orion 1
Law (Federation Trade Regulations ) 1 (2)
Marketing (Passenger Transportation) 3 (5)
Materials Engineering (Structural) 1 (2)
Personal Equipment (Environment Suit) 1 (2)
Physical Sciences (Computer Science) 1 (2)
Primitive Weaponry (Chaka) 1 (2)
Propulsion Engineering (Warp Drive) 1 (2)
Psychology (Andorian) 1 (2)
Shipboard Systems (Communications) 1 (2)
(Tactical) (2)
(Sensors) (2)
(Flight Control) (2)
Space Sciences (Astrogation) 1 (2)
(Astronomy) (2)
(Astrophysics (2)
Starship Tactics (Antipiracy Tactics) 1 (2)
Systems Engineering (Computer Systems) 1 (2)
Unarmed Combat (Brawling) 1 (2)
Vehicle Operations (Shuttlecraft) 1 (2)
World Knowledge (Andor) 1 (2)

Assets (Passenger Line) +6; Department Head (Merchant Liner) +4; Position (CEO) +5; Zero Gee Training +2; Intolerant (Orions) -3; Obsessive Tendencies (Paranoia) -3; Vengeful (Orions) -2

Other Statistics
Courage: 3
Renown: 50
Aggression: 15
Discipline: 10
Initiative: 5
Openness: +5; -10
Skill: 5
Resistance: 4

Background: Privileged Upbringing
Merchant Academy
Command Training
Years Spent Trading: 29

Niko v'Shandru was born the heir to the family fortune. His family was killed by Orion pirates while he was a teenager, and he vowed to destroy every Orion pirate he could find. He considered Starfleet, but decided that he preferred fewer restrictions. To this end, he decided to put his fortune to work, and entered the Federation Merchant Academy. After graduating at the top of his class, and working his way up to a Master's ticket, he put his money into passenger liners and small, high-value cargo transport. The cargo service is actually a front for actively hunting and destroying pirates, and consists of three ships, SS Red Rover; SS Blue Rover, and SS Kowalski. V'Shandru Lines currently has six Plantagenet Class Starliners in its inventory.

Two years ago, Niko v'Shandru was covertly contacted by a covert arm of Starfleet Intelligence. Although the Federation does not issue Letters of Marque and Reprisal, the SI agents offered him a deal - in support of his covert war on Orion pirates, they would supply him with data on pirate movements and technical support. In return, v'Shandru would supply copies of all computer files taken from pirate vessels, with special emphasis on Orion Syndicate data.

Appearance and Personality:
Height: 1.6m
Weight: 60kg
Complexion: pale blue
Hair: white
Eyes: pale blue-grey

Niko is short for an Andorian, and typically slender. He has a light complexion and pale eyes. His hair is receding somewhat, and is worn short. He dresses in expensive, well-tailored clothes, favouring a dark violet colour. He is economical in his movements, and soft spoken. When angry, however, his voice has steel in it.

Niko's overriding goal is the physical elimination of all pirates from the face of the universe, especially Orion pirates. Unfortunately, he also believes that all Orions are pirates. He ensures that any Orions travelling on any of his passenger ships are kept under surveillance, and tried to the full extent of the law for any transgressions. In his dealings with pirates he is less restrained. His cargo ships travel areas known to be dangerous (such knowledge being supplemented by Starfleet Intelligence) feigning drive malfunctions and other vulnerabilities. When attacked, they drop all pretense, and ruthlessly exterminate the pirates. There are rarely any survivors.

Background Notes:
Niko was originally played by David Slater 15 years ago under the original FASA Star Trek RPG rules, in a campaign set in the late 23rd century in the Triangle. He has been converted to the ICON format and adapted for a 24th century campaign.

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