The following images constitute a representative portion of the printed materials I use in fleshing out the background of the Star Trek: Universe metacampaign. Star Trek is unique in the amount of such material available to the fans, from behind-the-scenes details on the shows to fan-developed expansions.

Star Trek is noted for its copious and detailed technical background. Several licensed technical manuals have been produced over the years, beginning with the seminal Star Fleet Technical Manual by Franz Joseph Designs. Some of these technical manuals have been adapted from technical notes for the series' writers by staffers on the shows.

From the dawn of time through the 29th century, Star Trek has one of the most detailed timelines in the history of Science Fiction, televised, cinematic and otherwise.

Need to know the proper dosage of Cordrazine? The Klingon word for "Victory?" The capital city of the planet Vulcan? Whatever fact one needs for a Star Trek campaign, chances are it can be found in one of the many Star Trek reference books available. Some have been compiled by fans, some by the shows' staff, and some by fans who've gone on to work on the shows.

Quick! Where's the closest washroom to the Captain's Ready Room on the Enterprise-D? What's the quickest way from the Brig to Sickbay on the original USS Enterprise? These plans detail out every square metre of Starfleet's mightiest starships.

Ever wonder how they make the future look so real? Here's the low-down on how they make the Star Trek TV shows and movies, from designing the ships to putting the ears on a Vulcan.

All manner of periodicals chronicle the details of every version of Star Trek. Some are devoted to a single show, while others cover the entire Trek universe. One of the best Star Trek magazines was simply named Star Trek, the Magazine. Published from May 1999 through April 2003, the magazine was expensive but well worth thr price. Many of the magazine's technical articles and drawings were reprinted from the Star Trek Fact Files, a British publication.

Star Trek fandom has some of the most prolific and talented creators of additional unofficial materials of any genre. Each has a different spin on how he or she sees the Star Trek universe.

The Internet and the Web are at once the greatest boon and the bane of Star Trek fans. There is so much information out there - both good and bad - that it has become nearly impossible to sort it all out... These sites are some of the good ones. Just click on the banners to check them out.

The latest technical references for Star Trek are the Starfleet Survival Guide, released in September 2002, and the Star Trek Star Charts released in October. The Survival Guide is an invaluable resource detailing such topics as surviving atmospheric reentry in a space suit and the more unorthodox uses of communicators and tricorders. The Star Charts are interesting, though they may not match everyone's interpretation of screen information. It's a big improvement over the old Star Trek Maps by the same author, Geoffrey Mandel.

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