My name is Owen E. Oulton. I was born in 1957 in British Columbia, Canada. As an Armed Forces brat, I grew up in France and various places around Canada. I spent several years in the Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserves (Militia) as a member of the West Nova Scotia Regiment as an Infantryman. I spent a couple of years working at the Cambridge Military Library in Halifax, producing training aid slides for the Militia. After that, I worked as a bookseller, as a freelance graphic artist, and as an architectural draughtsman/modelmaker. I currently own half of Millennia Models International, designing and manufacturing resin and photoetch aftermarket parts for SF model kits. I've also done models, props and sets for small, independant SF film and TV productions.

I've been a Star Trek fan since the first run of TOS season 1, and a role-player since the late 1970's.

All code on this site was written using HTML Assistant Pro 2 SE, and tested on Netscape versions 3.0 through 7.0. All coding is done to HTML 3.0/3.2 standards. No Java script, frames or animations were used - they all have their place but are way overused on the Web. I don't need 'em here.

Currently I'm using a 400MHz KII with 64Mb of RAM and a pair of 6.4Gb hard drives, and a Sony Viao 266MHz Pentium II laptop. The latter also doulbes as my "ultimate GM's screen" during gaming sessions.

Some graphics were modified from images downloaded from the Web, and a few are modified from Star Trek: The Magazine. Most, however, were custom-made for this site using Paint Shop Pro v3.1, or hand-drawn and scanned in. Deckplans were drawn in EasyCAD v2 and finished Paint Shop Pro v3.1. More information on drawing deckplans can be found by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Fonts used in the graphics include the following: Swiss 911 Ultra Compressed and Swiss 911 Extra Compressed; Last Uniform (by S. John Ross); Klingon Dagger; Zigan Trad. Okudeska; Papyrus; Star Trek Pi BT; Star Trek Next Pi BT; Star Trek; Arial; TNGCast; Trekbats; and Comic Sans. All are available on the Web in Truetype (.TTF) format.

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